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Extraterrestrials Living Among Us – An Ancient Phenomenon Reemerges

by Alien Cosmos

This is my May 12, 2007, presentation for the Earth Transformation Conference held in Kona, Hawaii. I’m releasing this on YouTube and Rumble since it presents important historical data about ETs living among us. This is crucial background information to understand as I plan to present new data on ETs living among us and their activities in a future article/podcast and in my upcoming February 26 webinar.

What follows is the original description accompanying my presentation. I plan to release more of my conference presentations dating from 2004 in the weeks ahead.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.


Dr. Michael Salla, former professor of International Politics, peace and conflict resolution, author and exopolitical pioneer, presents compelling evidence of human extraterrestrials living discretely within our cities, towns, even next door. They blend in unnoticed because they look as human as anyone else! He begins with a historic overview of ancient texts which describe extraterrestrials that have made Earth their home, suggesting that this is not a new phenomenon. Examined next are a variety of ‘contactees’ – George Adamski, Dan Fry, Howard Menger and others who described cases of extraterrestrials whom they interacted with in public places and in open view without notice.

Whistleblower testimony from Robert Dean and Ingo Swann are also cited as evidence for this modern phenomenon. Finally, Dr. Salla examines government responses to the reemergence of this ancient phenomenon which basically amounts to debunking, discrediting and intimidating witnesses or whistleblowers that give evidence of human extraterrestrials living among us. This is an uplifting account of respectful and emotionally sensitive extraterrestrials who exhibit a sincere desire to assist humanity to build a better world.

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