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From Spiritual Therapist to ET Conference Organizer: Interview with Dani Henderson

by Alien Cosmos

Dani Henderson has had a lifetime of paranormal experiences, psychic/intuitive revelations, and extraterrestrial contacts. She has worked as a “spiritual therapist” in England for several decades, and in 2010 was tested by the British media who blindfolded her and took her to secret locations, one being the Old Vic Theater, to successfully confirm her psychic/intuitive abilities. Dani has had direct contact experiences with extraterrestrials associated with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. These contacts include Annax and Thor Han Eredyon, thereby corroborating Elena Danaan’s own contacts and communications with these galactic entities.

In October 2022, Dani organized a major international conference highlighting extraterrestrial contact called “Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection” that was attended by well over 900 people. Dani announced that she plans to host a similar event in Orlando in October 2023. In this interview, Dani discusses her childhood, her training as a hypnotherapist, psychic/intuitive work, ET contact experiences, and why she decided to host a major international conference on galactic civilizations.

Dani Henderson’s website is:
Recordings of the Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection are now available at:
Her blindfold experience at the Old Vic is available at:

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