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From the Trail of Tears to Extraterrestrial Contact

by Alien Cosmos

Sarah Breskman Cosme’s new book, Hypnotists Journey from the Trail to the Stars (Dec 2022), presents the past life memories of clients who lived through the harrowing experiences of native Americans forced to participate in the Trail of Tears, and their connection to Star Visitors and other non-human species. She discovers the rich history of extraterrestrial interaction with native Americans, and how these first became embedded in their legends, and provided inspiration and guidance during dark times such as the Trail of Tears.

In this Exopolitics Today interview Sarah also discusses Atlantis, Lemuria, Sasquatch, Ant People, little people, and different extraterrestrial civilizations from the perspective of native Americans that lived through or are deeply familiar with the different entities described in Indian legends. She also discusses soul splitting, healing, planetary ascension, and what lies ahead for humanity.

Sarah Breskman Cosme’s website is:
Her book is available at Amazon:

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