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Message to the agents of the Dark – Jan 16 2023

by Alien Cosmos

I recently witnessed a true medieval “dark ages” witch hunt. Because I am bringing a truth about the hidden history of Earth that is shaking down the pillars of their institutions and dismantling entire belief systems that were established to keep control of human societies, the agents of the Dark sent their dogs, not after me personally, but after the Truth that I am bringing. In this video, I am addressing them.

— TRANSCRIPT : https://www.elenadanaan.org/message-to-the-agents-of-the-dark


—HOW TO IDENTIFY COUNTER DISCLOSURE ASSETS: https://thewebmatrix.net/disclosure/counterdisclosure.html

—STUDY OF MY MATERIEL BY DAN WILLIS: https://thewebmatrix.net/disclosure/elenadanaan.html

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