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by Alien Cosmos

This is a message in this day December 4th 2022 for the Humans of Earth.

“I do not mind if they are ungrateful. That they do not trust me is not important. All what matters to me is that they trust in themselves. This is what matters. This is why I am back. To see Humanity of Earth rise to their full potential. I love them unconditionally. Many of them are children of my own blood. Blood carries a fractal of the source consciousness, and I am connected to all of them. My love is the vessel and the link.
-You are very brave, and impeccable with honor and impartiality. You were the victim in the story, you lost the battle against your half-brother, you lost Earth and you could no longer protect Humanity, but it is you, Ea, who are coming back to clean up Enlil’s mess! I admire and respect that. You do all this by compassion for the humans of Earth, and yet, you don’t even care if some ungrateful ones among them spit on your name. Wow.
-What would it change if I cared? Nothing, you know. They are blinded by their own demons. Let them think and say what they want, it doesn’t change my work in the slightest ways. I don’t hear them from here.

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