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Update on Earth Alliance meetings on Ganymede with Intergalactic Confederation

by Alien Cosmos

On October 15, I received an update on the recent meetings on Ganymede between representatives of the Earth Alliance with several extraterrestrial organizations and a new group entering our solar system—the Intergalactic Confederation. The update from Val Nek, relayed through Megan Rose, makes for a total of four independent sources reporting on Ganymede being the site of meetings with a highly evolved new group of extraterrestrial visitors to our solar system.

The is an audio version of an article published on October 17, 2021, and narrated by the author Dr. Michael Salla.
I wish to thank Megan Rose for relaying Val Nek’s update and sharing her drawing of the incoming extraterrestrial space fleet. Her YouTube channel is

Galactic Federations webpage on Exopolitics.org:

Galactic Federations, Councils & Secret Space Programs webinar is now available on Vimeo:

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