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Superhumans, Consciousness and ET Contact: An Interview with Caroline Cory

by Alien Cosmos

Caroline Cory, an award-winning filmmaker and founder of Omnium Media, has had remarkable encounters with extraterrestrial life since the age of five. Her experiences have involved both positive and negative off-world civilizations. Cory explores the connection between meditation, human consciousness, and expanded realities. Her compelling documentaries, such as ET Contact: They Are Here – The Science of Contact, showcase eyewitness accounts and expert testimonies on extraterrestrial contact. In her film Superhumans, she highlights the incredible abilities of children who can perform tasks blindfolded, as well as the applications of remote viewing. Cory’s latest film, A Tear in the Sky, captures astonishing footage of Tic Tac-shaped UFOs and a classified giant portal in the sky. In an interview with Exopolitics Today, she discusses her contact experiences and how they have influenced her film career and exploration of human consciousness and off-world civilizations.

Caroline Cory’s work has had a profound impact, reaching millions of people around the world. Her documentaries on superhumans, ET contact, and expanded consciousness have awakened and influenced countless individuals. Through her appearances on popular shows like Ancient Aliens and Coast to Coast AM, she has shared her knowledge and experiences with a wide audience. From her first contact experience as a child with beings of light to her studies in film and performing arts, Cory has dedicated herself to understanding the connection between consciousness, DNA, and extraterrestrial influence. Her ongoing research and upcoming documentary, Portals, delve into the existence and nature of UFO phenomena. To learn more about Cory’s work and watch her documentaries, visit the Omnium Media website and her personal website.

Superhumans, Consciousness and ET Contact: An Interview with Caroline Cory

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Early Encounters with Extraterrestrial Life

Caroline Cory’s journey with extraterrestrial life began at a young age. From the age of five, she had encounters with beings of light, rather than the traditional depiction of extraterrestrial beings like the Greys or reptilians. These light beings communicated with her telepathically, explaining that they and she were connected through a shared lineage within the universe. This experience sparked her curiosity about her own origins and the mechanics of consciousness.

Growing up with the knowledge that she came from somewhere else, Cory delved into the field of consciousness science. She sought to understand the mechanics of human consciousness and expand it to foster continued communication with extraterrestrial intelligence. Through her personal experiences and exploration, she developed methodologies for interacting with and connecting to the greater aspects of ourselves and the extraterrestrial realms.

Cory’s encounters with extraterrestrial beings influenced her path in life and her career. These early experiences planted the seeds of curiosity and awakened her to the expanded reality beyond the physical world. She felt a strong pull to understand more about her connection to these beings and the human potential to connect with them. These encounters set her on a lifelong exploration of human consciousness and the possibility of contact with off-world civilizations.

Cory’s Exploration of Meditation and Consciousness

Caroline Cory turned to meditation as a means to interact with extraterrestrial beings and explore the depths of human consciousness. Through meditation practices, she discovered that expanded consciousness played a crucial role in understanding and communicating with these off-world beings. By quieting the mind and attuning to higher states of consciousness, Cory was able to access realms beyond the physical and connect with extraterrestrial intelligences.

Meditation became a gateway for Cory to explore the true nature of reality and tap into the vast potential of human consciousness. In her journey, she discovered that consciousness is not limited to the physical body and that it extends beyond the boundaries of time and space. This expanded understanding of consciousness fueled her desire to share her discoveries with the world.

Cory recognized that through consciousness expansion, individuals can unlock their own innate abilities and access higher levels of awareness. These expanded states of consciousness have the potential to enhance human capabilities and tap into the hidden realms of extraterrestrial communication and interaction.

Documentary Film Career

Caroline Cory’s passion for exploring human potential and extraterrestrial contact led her to a career in documentary filmmaking. Through her films, she aimed to bring awareness and understanding to the world about the topics of superhuman abilities, expanded consciousness, and alien contact.

Cory’s documentary filmmaking journey began with her exploration of superhumans. In her acclaimed documentary “Superhumans,” she showcased children who displayed extraordinary abilities, such as reading, walking, and riding bicycles while blindfolded. This groundbreaking film shed light on the untapped potential of the human mind and challenged conventional beliefs about human capabilities.

Continuing her exploration of expanded consciousness, Cory delved into the topic of extraterrestrial contact in her documentary “ET Contact: They Are Here – The Science of Contact.” In this film, she interviewed eyewitnesses and experts to provide insight into the science behind extraterrestrial interactions. The documentary aimed to bridge the gap between scientific understanding and personal experiences to foster a deeper understanding of extraterrestrial contact.

Cory’s documentary “A Tear in the Sky” captured the attention of audiences with its documentation of Tic Tac-shaped UFOs and a giant portal recorded by three camera crews. This film delved deep into the phenomenon of UFOs and their implications for humanity. By presenting documented evidence, Cory challenged skeptics and contributed to the field of UFOlogy.

Through her documentary filmmaking career, Cory has used her platform to explore and educate others about the potential of human consciousness and the reality of extraterrestrial life. Her films have served as catalysts for expanding people’s perceptions of themselves and the universe around them.

‘ET Contact: They Are Here – The Science of Contact’

In her documentary “ET Contact: They Are Here – The Science of Contact,” Caroline Cory presents a comprehensive look into the science and experiences behind extraterrestrial contact. The film showcases interviews with eyewitnesses who have had personal encounters with extraterrestrial beings, as well as experts in the field of extraterrestrial studies.

By combining personal accounts and scientific analysis, Cory seeks to bridge the gap between personal experiences and scientific understanding. The documentary delves into the different forms of contact reported by individuals, ranging from telepathic communication to physical encounters. It highlights the similarities in the accounts and explores the significance of these contact experiences.

Through in-depth interviews, the film sheds light on the impact of these encounters on the individuals who have experienced them firsthand. Many report a profound shift in their perspectives on reality and an expanded understanding of human potential. The documentary aims to provoke thought and encourage further exploration of the relationship between humanity and extraterrestrial civilizations.

“ET Contact: They Are Here – The Science of Contact” has had a significant impact on the understanding of alien contact. By presenting personal testimonies and expert analysis, the film has contributed to the growing body of evidence and knowledge surrounding extraterrestrial encounters. It has also helped to break down the stigma and skepticism surrounding the topic, opening up conversations and encouraging further research into the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Superhumans, Consciousness and ET Contact: An Interview with Caroline Cory


Caroline Cory’s documentary “Superhumans” explores the extraordinary abilities displayed by children. The film showcases these abilities, including blindfolded reading, walking, and riding bicycles, in an attempt to shed light on the untapped human potential.

In “Superhumans,” Cory interviews children and their parents to gain insight into the development and application of these abilities. The film provides a platform for these children to showcase their skills, demonstrating that there is more to human potential than meets the eye. Through scientific experiments conducted under controlled conditions, the documentary provides measurable data to support these extraordinary abilities.

The concept of remote viewing is also explored in “Superhumans.” Remote viewing allows individuals to access information beyond their physical senses and perceive objects or events at a distance. Through interviews with experts and demonstrations, the film delves into the science behind remote viewing and its practical applications.

“Superhumans” challenges conventional beliefs about human capabilities and encourages viewers to consider the possibility of unlocking their own hidden potential. By showcasing the extraordinary abilities of children and the power of remote viewing, Cory aims to expand people’s perceptions of human potential and open doors to new possibilities.

‘A Tear in the Sky’

Caroline Cory’s documentary “A Tear in the Sky” captures unique and compelling footage of Tic Tac-shaped UFOs and a giant portal in the sky. The film documents a scientific expedition led by Cory, employing advanced equipment and multiple camera crews to capture these anomalies.

The documentary showcases the recorded footage and provides an analysis of the captured anomalies. The Tic Tac-shaped UFOs, resembling the objects observed in the famous encounters by Navy pilots, raise questions about the nature of these unidentified flying objects. The giant portal witnessed and recorded by the camera crews adds another layer of mystery to the film.

Through “A Tear in the Sky,” Cory contributes to the field of UFOlogy by presenting documented evidence of these anomalies. The film challenges conventional explanations and invites viewers to contemplate the implications of these unidentified phenomena. By capturing these anomalies on film, Cory furthers the conversation surrounding UFOs and encourages further investigation into the mysteries of the universe.

Cory’s Exopolitics Today Interview

In her interview with Exopolitics Today, Caroline Cory discusses her remarkable contact experiences with extraterrestrial beings. The interview provides a platform for her to share her personal encounters and the impact they have had on her film-making career and exploration of human consciousness and off-world civilizations.

Cory reflects on her early experiences with beings of light and the subsequent development of her abilities to connect and communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence. She discusses the importance of expanded consciousness in facilitating these interactions and shares her unique methodologies for achieving such states of awareness.

The interview also delves into the connection between human consciousness and extraterrestrial civilizations. Cory shares her insights into the correlation between consciousness and DNA, highlighting the transformative effects of extraterrestrial and angelic beings on human DNA and consciousness.

Throughout the interview, Cory emphasizes the significance of her contact experiences in shaping her film career and her dedication to exploring the unlimited potential of human consciousness. The interview acts as a window into her journey and provides valuable insights into the relationship between extraterrestrial life and human consciousness.

Cory’s Psychic Abilities and Work

Caroline Cory’s psychic abilities have been present since childhood. She has experienced extrasensory perception (ESP) and precognition, which have played a significant role in her personal and professional life. Her psychic experiences have enhanced her understanding of consciousness and have contributed to her work in the field of consciousness expansion and healing.

Cory has developed various consciousness expansion methods and healing techniques based on her personal experiences. Through these methodologies, she has been able to connect with individuals who have had encounters with extraterrestrial beings and provide regression therapy for abductees. Her work aims to explore and heal the psychological and emotional aspects of contact experiences.

By utilizing her psychic abilities and consciousness expansion methods, Cory has been able to assist others in understanding and navigating their own extraterrestrial encounters. She offers insights and guidance to help individuals process their experiences and integrate them into their lives.

Cory’s work with regression therapy and healing has made a significant impact on individuals who have had contact experiences. Through her unique approach, she facilitates understanding, healing, and empowerment among those who have encountered extraterrestrial beings.

Extraterrestrial Influences on Human DNA and Consciousness

Caroline Cory has interacted with various types of extraterrestrial beings throughout her life. These encounters have provided her with firsthand experiences and insights into the diverse nature of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Cory has encountered reptilian, insectoid, and benevolent blue beings, among others. These encounters have expanded her understanding of the different types of extraterrestrial intelligences and their interactions with humanity.

Through her experiences, Cory recognizes the correlation between consciousness and DNA. She believes that extraterrestrial and angelic beings have played a significant role in influencing and evolving human DNA and consciousness. These influences have the potential to unlock hidden abilities and expand human capabilities beyond traditional limitations.

Cory’s understanding of the connection between consciousness and DNA has deepened her exploration of human potential and the interplay between extraterrestrial and human consciousness. By sharing her insights, she aims to further the understanding of the profound relationship between humanity and other intelligent beings in the universe.


Caroline Cory’s contributions to the exploration of alien life and human consciousness have been profound and far-reaching. Her early encounters with extraterrestrial beings sparked a lifelong journey of exploration and self-discovery. By delving into meditation and consciousness expansion, she has uncovered the potential of human consciousness to connect with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Through her award-winning documentary films, Cory has shed light on the nature of superhuman abilities, expanded consciousness, and alien contact. By presenting personal accounts, expert testimonies, and documented evidence, her films have challenged conventional beliefs and expanded the understanding of human potential.

Cory’s work has had a significant impact on the perception of human potential and extraterrestrial contact. By sharing her own experiences and insights, she has awakened and inspired millions of people worldwide. Her films have served as catalysts for personal growth and expanded awareness, encouraging individuals to explore the realms of consciousness and contemplate their connection to the extraterrestrial world.

Looking to the future, Caroline Cory continues to push boundaries and delve deeper into the exploration of human consciousness and extraterrestrial civilizations. Her passion for understanding and sharing the mysteries of the universe remains unwavering. As she continues her work, audiences can expect further breakthroughs, valuable insights, and thought-provoking revelations from this remarkable filmmaker and consciousness explorer.

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