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Nephilim, Ooparts, Reptilians & the Israel-Palestine Conflict – An Interview with LA Marzulli

by Alien Cosmos

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing LA Marzulli, a supernaturalist researcher who delves into the fascinating topics of UFOs, the Nephilim, and ancient prophetic texts. In his recent film, “On the Trail of the Nephilim: Out of Place Artifacts,” Marzulli explores the concept of out-of-place artifacts (ooparts) as evidence of the Nephilim, ancient giants, on Earth. Through his investigations, Marzulli examines intriguing ooparts such as the Vatican’s Obelisk and Peruvian artifacts, pointing to their potential connection to ancient extraterrestrial visitors. He even suggests that the Nephilim may still be active in the Gaza Strip, influencing the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. In addition to discussing his latest documentary, Marzulli also elaborates on his research into cattle mutilations, extraterrestrial agreements with the Eisenhower administration, and the concept of positive extraterrestrial beings. With his extensive knowledge and thought-provoking insights, Marzulli offers a unique perspective on these enigmatic subjects, urging us to question existing narratives and seek the truth.

In this engaging interview with LA Marzulli, conducted by Dr. Michael Salah, we delve into the captivating world of ancient mysteries and hidden truths. Marzulli’s fascinating film, “On the Trail of the Nephilim: Out of Place Artifacts,” explores the presence of ooparts as evidence of the Nephilim’s existence and their possible ties to extraterrestrial beings. Marzulli sheds light on various ooparts, including the awe-inspiring Vatican Obelisk, and shines a spotlight on the Israel-Palestine conflict, suggesting a connection to the ongoing presence of the Nephilim in the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, he discusses his exploration of cattle mutilations and secret agreements between the Eisenhower administration and extraterrestrials, providing thought-provoking insights into these perplexing phenomena. Marzulli’s extensive expertise in supernatural research and his dedication to revealing the hidden truths about ancient civilizations offer a fresh perspective on the complexity of the world around us.

Nephilim, Ooparts, Reptilians  the Israel-Palestine Conflict – An Interview with LA Marzulli

Discover more about the Nephilim, Ooparts, Reptilians  the Israel-Palestine Conflict – An Interview with LA Marzulli.

LA Marzulli’s Research on Nephilim

Table of Contents

Out-of-place Artifacts (Ooparts) as Evidence of Nephilim

In his documentary, “On the Trail of the Nephilim: Out of Place Artifacts,” LA Marzulli explores the concept of out-of-place artifacts (ooparts) as evidence of the Nephilim, ancient giants said to have roamed the Earth. These ooparts are objects that are found in locations or time periods where they seemingly don’t belong. Marzulli believes that these artifacts provide tangible evidence of the Nephilim’s existence and their influence on human history.

Marzulli’s research into ooparts involves a detailed investigation of various artifacts, including the Vatican’s Obelisk and Peruvian artifacts. He believes that the presence of these artifacts in unexpected locations supports the theory that the Nephilim were present throughout different civilizations and that their influence can be traced back to ancient times.

Vatican’s Obelisk and Peruvian Artifacts Investigations

One of the most fascinating ooparts that Marzulli investigates is the Vatican’s Obelisk. Located in Vatican Square, the Obelisk is an ancient monument that was brought to Rome by Caesar Augustus from Heliopolis, Egypt. Standing at 83 feet tall and weighing 320 tons, the Obelisk’s origin and purpose remain a mystery. Marzulli questions how such a massive monument was created and transported, suggesting that it may have been constructed with Nephilim technology.

Marzulli also explores Peruvian artifacts that provide further evidence of the Nephilim’s influence. These artifacts, including elongated skulls and intricate stone carvings, challenge conventional archaeological explanations. Marzulli contends that these artifacts point to the existence of a technologically advanced civilization that could only have been influenced by the Nephilim.

Nephilim as Avatar Bodies for Extraterrestrial Visitors

Building on his research into the Nephilim, Marzulli proposes a provocative theory that these ancient giants may have acted as avatar bodies for ancient extraterrestrial visitors. Marzulli suggests that the Nephilim could have been used as vessels for these beings to interact with humans and leave a lasting impact on our history and civilization.

Marzulli draws on ancient texts such as the Book of Enoch to support his theory. These texts describe the Nephilim as the offspring of fallen angels, or Watchers, who came to Earth and interbred with human women. Marzulli believes that these interdimensional, extraterrestrial entities manipulated human genetics and shared advanced knowledge with early civilizations.

Nephilim Connection to Israel-Palestine Conflict

Nephilim Activities in Gaza Strip

Marzulli asserts that the influence of the Nephilim extends to modern-day conflicts, specifically the Israel-Palestine conflict. According to Marzulli, some Nephilim are still active in the Gaza Strip and play a role in perpetuating the violence and tension in the region. He argues that the current conflict echoes biblical battles between ancient giants and Israelites, with hidden forces manipulating the situation for their own agendas.

Involvement of Satanists, Draco Reptilian Worshippers in Conflict

Marzulli claims that a third force, consisting of Satanists who worship Draco reptilians, is involved in the Israel-Palestine conflict. These malevolent entities allegedly manipulate the different parties involved to generate loosh energy, which is believed to sustain their extraterrestrial overlords. Marzulli suggests that this hidden influence exacerbates the conflict and prolongs its resolution.

Possible Hidden Agenda Behind the Conflict

Marzulli acknowledges the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, citing its historical roots and the involvement of various geopolitical forces. While he suggests the presence of hidden agendas, he cautions against jumping to conclusions without substantial evidence. Marzulli highlights the need for thorough investigation and unbiased analysis to shed light on the true motivations and influences behind the conflict.

Marzulli’s Documentary: ‘Cattle Mutilations – The Calling Card of Darkness’

Extraterrestrial Agreements with Eisenhower Administration

In another documentary, “Cattle Mutilations – The Calling Card of Darkness,” Marzulli examines the phenomenon of cattle mutilations and its potential connection to extraterrestrial beings. He delves into the alleged secret agreements reached between the Eisenhower administration and gray extraterrestrials, suggesting that this collaboration may be linked to the mutilations.

Marzulli explores claims that extraterrestrial beings use cattle mutilations to extract genetic material for their own purposes. This controversial theory posits that they could be creating artificial wombs and hybrid offspring by using human genetic material. Marzulli acknowledges the need for further investigation to validate these claims but underscores the importance of taking them seriously.

Investigation into Phenomenon of Cattle Mutilations

Marzulli’s documentary delves into the intricacies of cattle mutilations, which involve the precise and surgical removal of organs and body parts from cattle. He presents evidence and testimonies from witnesses who have encountered these unexplained mutilations, suggesting that they cannot be merely dismissed as natural or human-made phenomena.

The documentary highlights the mysterious nature of these mutilations and the absence of clear explanations for the perpetrators. Marzulli encourages open-mindedness and rigorous investigation to uncover the truth behind these unsettling occurrences.

Implications and Beliefs about Extraterrestrials’ Intentions

Marzulli suggests that the mutilations could be indicative of malevolent intentions on the part of extraterrestrial beings. He draws attention to the hidden nature of these activities and emphasizes the need for heightened awareness and understanding of the potential implications for humanity.

Marzulli recognizes the existence of positive and benevolent extraterrestrial beings but maintains that caution is necessary in discerning their true intentions. He encourages researchers and the public to approach these topics with an open mind while continuously questioning existing narratives.

Concept of Positive Extraterrestrials

Connection to Research on Nephilim and Book of Enoch

Marzulli’s research on the Nephilim and extraterrestrial presence leads him to explore the concept of positive extraterrestrial beings. He finds a connection between the ancient texts, such as the Book of Enoch, and accounts that suggest the existence of benevolent extraterrestrial entities.

Marzulli suggests that these entities may offer guidance, knowledge, and positive influence to humanity. He believes that understanding the true nature and intentions of these beings is essential to navigate the complexities of the paranormal and UFO phenomena.

Contrast between Positive and Malevolent Extraterrestrial Entities

Marzulli emphasizes the importance of discerning between positive and malevolent extraterrestrial entities. While acknowledging the existence of both, he encourages individuals to approach these encounters and experiences with caution and critical thinking.

He advises that understanding the true intentions and motivations of extraterrestrial beings is a complex task. This requires careful analysis and consideration of evidence, testimony, and historical context to form an accurate understanding of these entities’ presence and activities.

Difficulty in Discerning True Intentions of Extraterrestrials

Marzulli acknowledges the inherent difficulties in fully understanding the true intentions of extraterrestrial beings. Their enigmatic nature, advanced technologies, and potentially hidden agendas make it challenging to discern their true motivations.

Marzulli urges researchers and the public to remain open-minded and receptive to new information about extraterrestrials. He emphasizes the importance of continuing to question and investigate, aiming to uncover the truth about these beings while avoiding a blind acceptance of any claims or speculations.

Work and Expertise of Dr. Michael Salah

Role of Supernaturalist Researcher

Dr. Michael Salah serves as a supernaturalist researcher who contributes extensively to the field of paranormal and UFO studies. His work involves exploring ancient prophetic texts, UFO phenomena, and the extraterrestrial presence. Salah’s expertise and dedicated research have led him to produce numerous documentaries and publish several books on these subjects.

Publications and Documentaries on Paranormal and UFO Subjects

Salah’s extensive body of work includes 13 books and 27 film documentaries that delve into paranormal and UFO subjects. Through his publications and documentaries, Salah aims to provide audiences with compelling evidence and thought-provoking content surrounding these topics.

His meticulous research and commitment to presenting accurate information have made Salah a reputable figure within the paranormal research community. His work continues to spark discussions and challenge conventional beliefs about UFOs, ancient texts, and the global political agenda.

Lectures on UFOs and Ancient Prophetic Texts

Dr. Salah shares his knowledge and insights through lectures at various conferences, churches, and media appearances. His captivating presentations cover a wide range of subjects, including UFOs, the Nephilim, and ancient prophetic texts. Salah’s ability to connect historical events, sacred texts, and paranormal phenomena provides audiences with a unique perspective on these complex topics.

Salah’s lectures aim to engage and inform listeners about the interconnectedness of ancient wisdom and modern reality. By bridging the gap between history and the present, he encourages critical thinking and a deeper exploration of the mysteries that surround us.

Marzulli’s Views on Global Political Agenda

Discussion of Extraterrestrial Presence Influence

Marzulli examines the potential influence of extraterrestrial presence on the global political agenda. He suggests that the activities and agendas of these beings play a significant role in shaping events, decisions, and power dynamics on Earth.

By highlighting the involvement of extraterrestrial entities in historical and contemporary events, Marzulli seeks to shed light on the hidden forces that shape global politics. He urges individuals to question mainstream narratives and consider alternative perspectives that take into account the extraterrestrial factor.

Hidden History of Ancient Civilizations

Marzulli’s research also uncovers the hidden history of ancient civilizations, emphasizing that mainstream narratives often overlook important aspects of our past. He explores the role and influence of extraterrestrial beings in shaping human civilization and technological advancements.

Marzulli suggests that a deeper understanding of these hidden historical narratives is crucial for comprehending the complexities of the global political agenda. By unearthing suppressed knowledge and questioning conventional beliefs, individuals can gain insight into the true motivations and intentions behind geopolitical events.

Interpretation of Current Stage of Biblical Prophecies

As part of his exploration into the global political agenda, Marzulli offers his interpretation of biblical prophecies and their relevance to the present. He believes that we are currently witnessing a different stage of prophetic events, as described in texts such as the Book of Revelation.

Marzulli’s analysis of these prophecies aims to provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of how ancient texts intersect with contemporary events. His interpretations encourage individuals to reflect on the significance of these prophecies and the potential influence of extraterrestrial entities on their fulfillment.

Exploration into Human Genetic Material Use by Extraterrestrials

Belief in Extraterrestrials Creating Artificial Wombs

Building on his investigation into extraterrestrial activities, Marzulli explores the controversial claim that these beings are utilizing human genetic material for their own purposes. He suggests that extraterrestrials may be capable of creating artificial wombs, using human DNA to breed hybrid offspring.

Marzulli acknowledges that such claims require rigorous investigation and evidence to establish their validity. However, he underscores the importance of treating these claims seriously and engaging in objective research to verify or debunk these assertions.

Possibility of Hybrid Offspring

Marzulli’s research considers the possibility that extraterrestrials may have successfully created hybrid offspring by combining their own genetic material with that of humans. This theory suggests that such hybrid beings could possess enhanced abilities and serve specific purposes within the extraterrestrial agenda.

While Marzulli acknowledges that conclusive evidence regarding the existence of hybrid offspring is yet to be presented, he urges researchers and the public to remain open-minded and receptive to exploring these possibilities. He stresses the significance of investigating these claims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential interactions between humans and extraterrestrial beings.

Importance of Investigating these Claims

Marzulli highlights the importance of investigating claims related to human genetic material use by extraterrestrials. He argues that dismissing or ignoring these assertions without conducting thorough research would hinder our ability to uncover the truth.

By maintaining an open mind and approaching these claims with scientific rigor, Marzulli encourages individuals to contribute to an objective investigation of these controversial topics. He underscores the need for a comprehensive exploration of extraterrestrial activities to fully understand their impact on humanity.

Analysis of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Complexities

Historical Roots of the Conflict

Recognizing the deep-rooted nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Marzulli acknowledges its historical origins. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the complex historical dynamics and events that have shaped the conflict over time.

Marzulli’s analysis delves into the historical narratives of both Israelis and Palestinians, highlighting the significance of shared historical experiences, identity, and claims to land. By examining historical root causes, Marzulli seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the complexities that underlie the ongoing conflict.

Involvement of Various Geopolitical Forces

Marzulli explores the involvement of various geopolitical forces in exacerbating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He acknowledges that global powers and their interests have contributed to the persistence and intensification of the conflict.

By considering the complex web of geopolitical factors, Marzulli seeks to shed light on the multifaceted nature of the conflict. He emphasizes the need to look beyond surface-level explanations and explore the hidden motivations and agendas that perpetuate the cycle of violence and tension.

The Role of Hidden Agendas

Marzulli suggests the existence of hidden agendas behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He posits that undisclosed forces manipulate the different parties involved to further their own interests, potentially leveraging the conflict for political or strategic gains.

While acknowledging the speculative nature of these claims, Marzulli highlights the importance of investigating and questioning the underlying motivations and hidden agendas involved in the conflict. He advocates for a comprehensive approach to understanding the true dynamics and influences at play.

The Search for Ancient Wisdom and Hidden Historical Knowledge

Efforts to Conceal Information from the Public

Marzulli contends that there is a deliberate effort to conceal ancient wisdom and hidden historical knowledge from the public. He suggests that certain forces, whether political, religious, or otherwise, seek to control the flow of information and prevent individuals from accessing the truth about our past.

By shedding light on these efforts, Marzulli aims to raise awareness and encourage individuals to question the information presented to them. He emphasizes the importance of seeking alternative sources and considering diverse perspectives to uncover the hidden truths behind our history.

Importance of An Open-Minded Approach in Seeking Truth

Marzulli advocates for an open-minded approach when seeking the truth about paranormal studies and ancient wisdom. He encourages individuals to question existing narratives and challenge conventional beliefs, as these may hinder our understanding of the mysteries surrounding us.

Marzulli believes that embracing an open-minded perspective allows for a deeper exploration of the unknown and the ability to uncover hidden truths. He encourages individuals to approach these topics with intellectual curiosity and critical thinking to reach a more comprehensive understanding.

Personal Experience with Angelic Being

Marzulli shares a personal anecdote about an encounter with an angelic being. This firsthand experience underpins his belief in the existence of supernatural and otherworldly entities. He suggests that these experiences provide valuable insights and prompt further investigation into the mysteries of our world.

By sharing his personal encounter, Marzulli highlights the supernatural nature of these experiences and their potential significance in our understanding of the paranormal. He encourages individuals to remain open to the possibilities beyond our current understanding and to explore these experiences with sincerity and discernment.

Closing Thoughts and Conclusions

Thoughts on Positive and Negative Extraterrestrial Beings

In conclusion, Marzulli believes in the coexistence of positive and negative extraterrestrial beings. He acknowledges that while benevolent entities may offer guidance and assistance, malevolent beings can pose a threat to humanity.

Marzulli underscores the importance of discerning the true intentions of extraterrestrial beings and the need for careful analysis of contact and encounters. He encourages individuals to remain vigilant, critically evaluating the evidence and testimonies related to extraterrestrial encounters to ensure a comprehensive understanding.

Emphasize on Questioning Existing Narratives

Throughout his research and investigations, Marzulli consistently emphasizes the need to question existing narratives. He encourages individuals to challenge mainstream beliefs and seek alternative explanations for paranormal phenomena, historical events, and the global political agenda.

Marzulli believes that by questioning existing narratives, individuals can approach these topics with a fresh perspective and uncover hidden truths. He emphasizes the importance of critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and an open mind to facilitate a deeper understanding of the mysteries that surround us.

The Ultimate Search for Truth in Paranormal Studies

Marzulli’s work revolves around the ultimate search for truth in paranormal studies. He encourages individuals to embrace the unknown, explore the unexplained, and seek answers to the mysteries that shape our existence.

Marzulli’s dedication to in-depth research, critical analysis, and open-mindedness drives his endeavors to uncover the truth behind ancient civilizations, extraterrestrial beings, and global political agendas. By advocating for a comprehensive approach to these topics, Marzulli invites individuals to join him in the quest for truth in the realm of the paranormal.

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