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The Jupiter Hub, Moon, Medbeds, Ukraine & Israel/Palestine – A Conversation with Thor Han Eredyon

by Alien Cosmos

In this engaging conversation with Thor Han Eredyon, relayed through Elena Danaan, various topics are discussed, including the construction of the Jupiter Hub, similarities to Deep Space 9, and the participation of different nations. Thor Han also provides updates on mass-produced Medbed technologies on the Moon, as well as the availability of rejuvenation technologies through alchemical processes and healthy living. Moreover, the involvement of Negumak insectoids in the Galactic Federation, the Earth Alliance’s disclosure plan, and the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine are addressed. The article concludes by emphasizing the importance of individual and collective growth in consciousness, connecting with the Galactic Federation’s ships in the skies, and tapping into the planet’s morphogenic field of consciousness.

In this Q&A session with Thor Han Eredyon, conducted by Michael Salla, Elena Danaan relays messages from Thoran Aridian. The discussion covers intriguing topics such as the progress of the Hub in Jupiter Orbit, the connection between the Hub and ancient space arcs, and the accessibility of advanced technologies to Earth scientists and civilians. Additionally, the conflict situations in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine are explored, along with the role of the Galactic Federation in such internal human conflicts. The delays in disclosure are attributed to ongoing struggles between the dark ones and the Earth Alliance, while the opportunities for personal and collective growth in consciousness are highlighted.

The Jupiter Hub, Moon, Medbeds, Ukraine  Israel/Palestine - A Conversation with Thor Han Eredyon

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Assessment of Jupiter Hub and its Prominent Features

The Jupiter Hub is an ambitious project in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter that shares many similarities with the fictional Deep Space 9 TV series. While China has chosen not to participate in the project, all 29 Artemis Accords nations and the Russian Federation are actively supporting the Hub. Construction of the Hub is progressing well, with multiple ships being linked to the central Mothership, and tunnels connecting them together. It is an exciting development that showcases the collaborative efforts of technicians and military personnel in building the settlement facility.

Interpretation of The Jupiter Hub’s Purpose

The primary purpose of the Jupiter Hub is to serve as a platform for trade, research, and cultural exchange. By offering Russia access to the Hub due to its affiliation with the Earth Alliance, it promotes international collaboration and cooperation. Additionally, the presence of multiple Arcs from different races of the Intergalactic Confederation on Earth signifies the importance of Earth in the galactic community.

Focus on Medbed Technologies

An update on the mass-produced Medbed technologies on the Moon is eagerly anticipated. These Medbeds will be allocated to the public, with a particular emphasis on providing healing to civilians. However, the priority hierarchy for med bed utilization will prioritize individuals with life-threatening conditions.

Understanding Rejuvenation Techniques

Rejuvenation techniques encompass a range of practices, including alchemical processes, advanced meditation, and healthy living. By familiarizing ourselves with these techniques, we can achieve age rejuvenation and continue to lead healthy lives. It is important to acknowledge the role of advanced technologies in enhancing longevity.

The Jupiter Hub, Moon, Medbeds, Ukraine  Israel/Palestine - A Conversation with Thor Han Eredyon

Discussion on the Galactica Federation and Earth Alliance

The role of Negumak insectoids in the Galactic Federation is significant and indicates the diverse membership of the organization. Collaboration between the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation on a disclosure plan is a promising step toward strengthened relations and shared advancements. The upcoming year holds potential for further advancements and plans.

Messages from Thoran Aridian

Elena Danan has relayed messages from Thoran Aridian, discussing various topics ranging from the construction progress of the Hub to the Q&A series with Thoran Aridian. These messages provide deeper insights into the ongoing developments and ensure that the public remains informed.

Analysis of Conflicts involving Advanced Technologies

The conflict in Ukraine has been linked to the control of the space Arc and advanced technologies. It is essential to understand the underlying dynamics and motivations behind such conflicts. Similarly, the conflict between Israel and Palestine can be viewed from the perspectives of competing factions and financial interests. Analyzing these conflicts in the context of advanced technologies provides a broader understanding of the global landscape.

Intervention of Galactic Federation in Human Affairs

The Galactic Federation’s inability to directly intervene in internal human conflicts arises from various reasons. Ongoing struggles between the dark ones and the Earth Alliance contribute to the delay in disclosure. However, rather than perceiving delays as obstacles, they can be seen as opportunities for individual and collective consciousness growth.

Promoting Spiritual Growth amid Uncertainty

During times of uncertainty, it is crucial to focus on the present moment and find happiness in the little things. Observing the skies and connecting with the consciousness of the Galactic Federation’s ships can foster spiritual growth. Connecting our consciousness to the morphogenic field of the planet and the Galactic Federation’s field of consciousness allows for greater awareness and understanding.


The Jupiter Hub represents a significant milestone in the exploration and collaboration between Earth and the galactic community. Its construction progress, along with the availability of Medbed technologies and advancements in rejuvenation techniques, opens up new possibilities for humanity. The ongoing efforts to strengthen the collaboration between the Galactic Federation and the Earth Alliance hold promise for a future marked by unity, progress, and conscious awareness.

Check out the The Jupiter Hub, Moon, Medbeds, Ukraine  Israel/Palestine - A Conversation with Thor Han Eredyon here.

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