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Peter Maxwell Slattery and James Gilliland UFOs Paranormal Real Disclosure

by Alien Cosmos

In the video titled “AYW~ PETER MAXWELL & JAMES GILLILAND UFO’S PARANORMAL REAL DISCLOSURE” posted by the ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel, James Gilliland is introduced as an internationally known speaker, counselor, and contactee. He founded the Gilliland Estate/Lahar Foundation SSM, also known as ECETI Ranch, where he documents and shares his experiences with multi-dimensional contact phenomenon. Gilliland hosts the weekly As You Wish Talk Radio program and has written several books on topics such as Source, spirituality, and the soul’s journey. He has been featured in numerous documentaries and television shows and his website, www.eceti.org, provides further information and resources.

In the video, Gilliland is joined by Peter Slattery, who discusses his experiences with sightings, telepathic communication, and encounters with high-dimensional intelligence. The conversation delves into themes of personal connection with higher beings, applying universal law, self-mastery, and clearing negative energies. It also highlights the upcoming disclosure and the potential for new healing technologies. Meditation and the exploration of the concept of God and creation are brought up, along with the importance of unity, personal transformation, and patience in one’s spiritual growth. The speakers express gratitude for each other’s work and discuss the challenges faced in sharing evidence of contact with extraterrestrial beings. The conversation ends with a hopeful outlook and the exploration of future possibilities.

The video captures the engaging discussion between James Gilliland and Peter Slattery, focusing on their experiences with UFO sightings, telepathic communication, and encounters with high-dimensional intelligence. They emphasize the importance of personal connection with higher beings and the application of universal law in one’s life. The conversation also touches on themes of unity, personal transformation, and clearing negative energies. They discuss the forthcoming disclosure and the potential for new healing technologies and advancements. Throughout the discussion, Gilliland commends the evidence and proof of contact with extraterrestrial beings presented by Slattery, highlighting the challenges and obstacles faced in sharing this type of information. The video concludes with an optimistic outlook and a discussion on finding workarounds to share valuable information in the face of censorship.

Introduction of James Gilliland

In this article, we will be exploring the UFO and paranormal experiences of James Gilliland, an internationally known lecturer, minister, counselor, and contactee. Through his work at the Gilliland Estate, also known as ECETI Ranch, Gilliland documents and shares multi-dimensional contact phenomena. He has written several books, appeared in documentaries and television shows, and hosted the weekly As You Wish Talk Radio program. We will delve into Gilliland’s background, his contributions to the field, and his experiences with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Introduction of ECETI Ranch

The Gilliland Estate, or ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), serves as a sanctuary for contactees and a hub for documenting and sharing contact phenomenon. It is a place where individuals can witness and experience multi-dimensional encounters. The ranch has become renowned for its UFO sightings and paranormal activities, attracting visitors from around the world. Gilliland’s mission with ECETI Ranch is to provide a safe space for people to explore and understand our connection to other intelligences.

James Gilliland’s Multi-dimensional Contact Phenomenon

James Gilliland has had numerous experiences with multi-dimensional contact phenomena. He communicates with various extraterrestrial beings through telepathic communication, dream states, and light-body encounters. Contactees at ECETI Ranch have witnessed flybys, telepathic communication, and the appearance of high-dimensional intelligence. These experiences have been captured through videos and other forms of documentation. Gilliland’s encounters showcase the diverse ways in which individuals can connect with the higher realms.

James Gilliland’s Books and Media Appearances

Gilliland has written several books that explore topics such as reunion with Source, becoming gods, the ultimate soul journey, and Annunaki’s return. These books educate, awaken, inform, and heal readers. In addition to his writing, Gilliland has been featured in documentaries and television shows like Contact Has Begun, The History Channel, and UFO Hotspots. Through these media appearances, Gilliland aims to spread awareness and knowledge about extraterrestrial encounters and the evolution of consciousness.

ECETI provides various links for individuals interested in exploring their work further. The organization has a donation link for those who wish to support their mission. ECETI also offers event links that provide opportunities to interact with contactees and share experiences. Additionally, ECETI has an online media and video on-demand platform where users can access a wealth of information on UFOs, paranormal activities, and multi-dimensional contact.

Affiliation with JCETI Japan

JCETI Japan, affiliated with ECETI through Greg Sullivan, is another organization dedicated to exploring UFO and paranormal experiences. By collaborating with JCETI Japan, ECETI expands its network and reaches a wider audience. The affiliation allows for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and insights between the two organizations, strengthening the exploration and understanding of the phenomena.

Introduction to Peter Slattery and Jason Nation

Peter Slattery and Jason Nation are part of the ECETI team and work closely with James Gilliland. Slattery and Nation share their experiences with sightings, telepathic communication, and high-dimensional intelligence. Their collaboration with Gilliland adds depth and diversity to the understanding of contact phenomena. Together, they emphasize the importance of personal connection with higher beings and the application of universal laws in one’s life.

Discussion on Sightings and Telepathic Communication

During their discussion, Gilliland, Slattery, and Nation highlight the importance of sightings and telepathic communication as integral parts of contact experiences. They describe instances where they have witnessed UFO flybys, telepathically communicated with extraterrestrial intelligence, and experienced high-dimensional visitations. These experiences serve as evidence of the existence of otherworldly beings and the potential for human connection with them.

Importance of Personal Connection and Universal Law

The speakers underscore the significance of establishing a personal connection with higher beings and applying universal laws in one’s life. They emphasize that contact experiences go beyond mere sightings and telepathic communication; they require a deep and meaningful connection with these intelligences. By aligning oneself with universal laws and principles, individuals can enhance their understanding of these encounters and cultivate a harmonious relationship with the higher realms.

The Need for Self-Mastery and Clearing Negative Energies

Self-mastery and the clearing of negative energies are crucial aspects of navigating contact phenomena. The speakers stressed that personal growth and emotional healing are necessary to establish a strong connection with higher intelligence. By acknowledging and releasing negative energies, individuals create space for positive and transformative experiences. The process of self-mastery and energy clearing allows individuals to elevate their consciousness and deepen their contact with other realms.

The Promise of Disclosure and New Advancements

Gilliland, Slattery, and Nation touch upon the promise of disclosure and the potential for new advancements within the field of UFOs and paranormal studies. They discuss the upcoming disclosure, which could bring forth new healing technologies and advancements in understanding the nature of extraterrestrial intelligence. The speakers express optimism about the future and its possibilities for deeper connections, enhanced awareness, and technological breakthroughs.


Exploring the Concept of Meditation

Meditation plays a crucial role in individuals’ ability to connect and communicate with higher beings. Gilliland, Slattery, and Nation explain that meditation is a way to operate in a meditative state at all times, maintaining a heightened level of awareness while engaging in daily activities. They stress the importance of clearing the mind, raising vibrations, and entering a state of receptivity to facilitate communication with multi-dimensional intelligence.

Limitations of Some Meditation Programs

The speakers acknowledge that not all meditation programs are effective in facilitating contact experiences. They caution against relying solely on certain modalities and emphasize the need for discernment and personal exploration. Each individual’s meditation journey is unique, and it is important to find practices that resonate with one’s energy and intentions. Slattery and Nation offer their perspectives on meditation and share the techniques that have worked for them.

Questioning the Purpose and Nature of God

Gilliland, Slattery, and Nation engage in a thought-provoking discussion about the purpose and nature of God. They explore questions such as why we are here, the role of emotion in creation, and the concept of joy. They challenge traditional ideologies and emphasize the importance of experiencing joy and emotion while connecting with the higher realms. The speakers encourage individuals to question their beliefs and develop a personal understanding of the divine.

Finding Joy and Emotion in Creation

The speakers highlight the significance of finding joy and emotion in the act of creation. They emphasize the idea that we are here to experience and enjoy creation, rather than exist in an emotionless or joyless state. By embracing our role as co-creators, we can tap into the limitless potential within us and forge a deeper connection with the higher realms.

Identifying as a Soul from Source

Gilliland, Slattery, and Nation propose the idea of identifying ourselves as souls from the Source. They suggest that by recognizing our divine origins, we can find unity and equality among all people. This perspective allows individuals to transcend the boundaries of belief systems and ideologies and approach contact experiences with an open mind and heart.

The speakers address the challenges that arise when individuals hold different beliefs and ideologies. They discuss the importance of mutual respect and understanding when engaging in discussions about extraterrestrial experiences. By setting aside preconceived notions and approaching contact phenomena with curiosity and empathy, individuals can foster an environment of unity and exploration.

Emphasis on Personal Transformation and Evolution

Personal transformation and evolution are key themes in the speakers’ conversation. They share their own transformative experiences with extraterrestrial and multi-dimensional beings. Gilliland, Slattery, and Nation stress the importance of embracing personal growth and expanding consciousness to deepen contact experiences. Through inner work, individuals can navigate the complexities of contact phenomena and further their evolution.

Importance of Patience and Understanding

The speakers emphasize the need for patience and understanding in the process of personal growth and contact experiences. They acknowledge that the journey can be challenging and that progress may take time. By cultivating patience and understanding, individuals can embrace the transformative nature of their experiences and navigate any obstacles that may arise.

Resources for Further Exploration

Gilliland, Slattery, and Nation provide resources for individuals who wish to explore their work further. They recommend visiting the ECETI website, reading Gilliland’s books, and accessing the ECETI Stargate Official YouTube channel. These resources offer a wealth of information, experiences, and insights to support individuals on their own journeys of discovery and contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Acknowledgment of Host’s Evidence of Contact

The speakers commend the host of the show for his evidence and proof of contact with extraterrestrial beings. They express their appreciation for his dedication and courage in sharing his experiences. The acknowledgment highlights the importance of sharing evidence and testimonials to support the credibility and understanding of contact phenomena.

Challenges in Sharing Evidence

Gilliland, Slattery, and Nation discuss the challenges faced when sharing evidence of contact experiences. They acknowledge that skepticism and disbelief often accompany these testimonies, making it difficult to gain widespread acceptance. The speakers address the need for open-mindedness and critical thinking when evaluating evidence and urge individuals to consider the wealth of documented encounters and testimonies available.

Reaching Those in Need of Information

The speakers recognize the importance of reaching the people who need information about contact experiences the most. They discuss the various platforms and channels through which they share their work, including YouTube, Rumble, and Telegram. By utilizing multiple platforms and adapting to changing circumstances, they strive to disseminate knowledge and create a supportive community for individuals seeking answers.

Gratitude for Support and Friendship

Gilliland, Slattery, and Nation express their gratitude for the support and friendship they have received throughout their journeys. They acknowledge the important role that others play in their experiences and emphasize the power of unity and collaboration in advancing understanding in the field of UFOs and paranormal phenomena.

Discussion of Censorship and Workarounds

The speakers touch upon the challenges of censorship and the need to find workarounds to share information. They discuss the various platforms they utilize to bypass restrictions and ensure their work reaches the intended audience. The conversation sheds light on the importance of free and open communication when it comes to exploring the realities of contact experiences.

Hopeful Outlook and Future Possibilities

The discussion concludes with a hopeful outlook for the future and the possibilities that lie ahead. Gilliland, Slattery, and Nation express their optimism about the potential for disclosure, healing technologies, and advancements in our understanding of extraterrestrial intelligence. They encourage individuals to stay curious, open-minded, and committed to personal growth as they navigate their own unique contact experiences.

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