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JP Update – Mission to Underground Temple, Dead Giant and Pacific Space Ark

by Alien Cosmos

In this article titled “JP Update – Mission to Underground Temple, Dead Giant and Pacific Space Ark,” a US Army member named JP shares his experiences during a mission to an underground temple accessed through a portal doorway. The temple, located beneath a military installation, was described as having four white marble pillars and a large sarcophagus containing a 12-foot red-haired giant surrounded by jewelry. JP’s team was joined by other teams from Brazil and Africa, communicating in different languages. After a disturbance, both the giant and the jewels disappeared, leading to speculation about his possible resurrection using temporal technology. The article also discusses the discovery of a space ark in the Pacific Ocean, claimed by China, and JP’s upcoming involvement in a mission to explore it.

In a video interview with Dr. Michael Salla, JP details the mission he participated in, where he and a group of 10 individuals were dressed in civilian clothes and picked up from an Air Force Base. They traveled in a van for about an hour to reach a remote wooded area. From there, they embarked on a walk to a specific location, encountering a black bear along the way. Finally, they entered a small cabin-like structure that led to a hallway with flickering lights. After navigating through the hallway, they arrived at a larger room with a sarcophagus containing a large skeleton with red hair and various jewels. However, the lid of the sarcophagus suddenly closed, and the group made a hasty exit, with orbs of light following them. Some members of the team fell ill, and a strange odor from the sarcophagus clung to their clothes. The mission leader mentioned that the activation of the skeleton was necessary and involved other nations, leading to plans for another mission to explore an arc in the Pacific Ocean controlled by China.

JP’s Mission to the Underground Temple

JP, a member of the US Army, recently participated in an extraordinary mission to an underground temple. This temple, accessed through a portal doorway located under a military installation, was unlike anything JP had ever seen before. The temple was located inside a large underground cavern and consisted of four white marble pillars, which gave it an otherworldly and ancient feel. At the center of the temple was a large sarcophagus, which piqued JP’s curiosity.

Upon closer inspection, JP and his team made a shocking discovery. Inside the sarcophagus lay the remains of a 12-foot red-haired giant. The giant appeared to be in a state of decomposition, but what truly took their breath away was the beautiful jewelry that surrounded the giant. The jewelry indicated that the giant was of noble or royal status, making this discovery all the more intriguing.

As the mission progressed, JP’s team was joined by teams from Brazil and Africa, making it a truly multinational effort. Communication was a challenge, as each team spoke different languages. However, their shared goal of uncovering the temple’s secrets brought them together.

However, their excitement was short-lived. After a disturbance in the temple, the giant and the valuable jewels disappeared without a trace. Speculation arose among the team about the possible use of temporal technology, leading to theories surrounding the resuscitation of the giant. Although no concrete evidence was found to support these theories, the mystery only deepened.

Discovery of the Pacific Space Ark

In addition to their mission in the underground temple, JP also discussed a significant discovery made in the Pacific Ocean: a space ark. This ark was claimed by China and was located in the region known as the Dragon’s Triangle, south of Japan. The ark held valuable information, which added another layer of complexity to the mission.

JP revealed that he had been informed of his involvement in a future mission to explore the Pacific Space Ark. This mission would undoubtedly provide further insight into the secrets held within the ark and shed light on its origins and purpose.

JP’s Experience on the Mission

JP then provided in-depth details about his experience on the mission. He explained that he and his team were dressed in civilian clothes to maintain a low profile. They were picked up at an Air Force Base and transported to a remote wooded area in a van. The journey took approximately an hour, and they encountered a black bear along the way. Despite the adrenaline rush, the team remained calm and continued toward their destination.

Upon reaching their destination, the team arrived at a small cabin-like structure. From there, they entered a dark hallway with flickering lights, creating an eerie atmosphere. Moving through the hallway, they eventually reached a larger room that contained two granite pillars. Clearly a significant part of the temple, this room held the answers they sought.

In the center of the room, they discovered a large sarcophagus with a lid that proved challenging to open. However, their determination paid off when they finally managed to unlock the sarcophagus. Inside, they found the remains of the red-haired giant and the coveted jewels that had disappeared earlier.

Their moment of triumph was short-lived, as the lid suddenly moved back into place, and the skeleton emitted an eerie, low echoing noise. Sensing danger, the team quickly left the room, only to encounter orbs of light following them. The team made a swift return to the van, but their ordeal was not over. Some members fell ill, and the odor from the sarcophagus clung to their clothes, a haunting reminder of their encounter.

JP Update - Mission to Underground Temple, Dead Giant and Pacific Space Ark

Mission Leader’s Remarks on Activation

JP also mentioned the mission leader’s remarks on the necessity of activating the skeleton. The leader stressed that other nations were involved in this mission and that the giant’s protection was lacking. The giant emitted a strange feeling that left the team unsettled and intrigued. However, the most perplexing part of it all was the sudden disappearance of the giant from the sarcophagus. It left the team with more questions than answers.

Planning Another Mission to a Pacific Ocean Arc

Concluding his report, JP discussed the team’s plans for another mission, this time to a Pacific Ocean arc under Chinese control. The team had encountered similar designs in the previous temple and suspected that the arcs held different civilizations inside. These civilizations likely possessed varying technologies and possibly activated individuals, further fueling their desire to explore these arcs.

As JP concluded his report, it was evident that his experiences on this mission had left a profound impact on him. He expressed a mixture of curiosity, excitement, and apprehension for what lay ahead. With the promise of future missions and uncovering more hidden truths, JP’s journey continued.

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