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Full Disclosure vs Limited Hangouts: How the Deep State Plans to Hide the Truth about SSPs & ET Life

by Alien Cosmos

In the webinar entitled “Full Disclosure vs Limited Hangouts: How the Deep State Plans to Hide the Truth about SSPs & ET Life,” Dr. Michael Salla delves into groundbreaking findings on the strategies employed by the Deep State to conceal information about secret space programs and extraterrestrial life. Through an examination of declassified documents, historical records, and the testimonies of whistleblowers and experiencers, he exposes the hard evidence that supports these claims. The webinar also explores the history of deception tactics used during significant periods such as World War II and the Cold War, highlighting how these tactics were employed to manipulate public opinion and hide vital information.

Moreover, the presentation brings to light the race among major powers to acquire advanced aerospace technologies, particularly from Nazi Germany, and the existence of covert teams dedicated to the recovery and study of extraterrestrial craft. The primary goals of these deception programs are to keep the truth hidden from foreign governments, non-authorized officials, and the general public by employing tactics such as compartmentalization and cover stories like Project Blue Book. The NSA’s “Century Eagle” program is presented as an example of concealing highly classified secrets under the guise of less classified operations. Additionally, the webinar mentions Area 51 as a site where covert operations related to secret space programs and extraterrestrial activities take place.

Understanding the Deep State’s Role in Suppressing Information

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The Deep State, a term used to describe a covert network of powerful individuals within the government and intelligence agencies, plays a crucial role in suppressing information. This web of secrecy and deception operates through various tactics and strategies to control and manipulate the flow of information to the public. One prominent case study that sheds light on these tactics is the NSA’s Century Eagle program.

Tactics used by Deep State for suppressing information – Case Study of NSA’s Century Eagle

The National Security Agency’s (NSA) Century Eagle program serves as a prime example of how the Deep State manages to hide highly classified secrets under the guise of less classified information. By compartmentalizing information and creating cover stories, such as Project Blue Book, the Deep State effectively deflects attention from the truth and promotes false narratives.

The Century Eagle program demonstrates the Deep State’s ability to operate covertly by using less classified secrets as a front for hiding more sensitive information. This tactic allows them to control the narrative and maintain a veil of secrecy while still providing a semblance of transparency to the public.

Example of Area 51 as a covert operational location

When exploring the tactics used by the Deep State, it is impossible to ignore the significance of Area 51. This highly classified facility, located in the deserts of Nevada, has been a subject of conspiracy theories and speculation for many years. While the true nature of the operations conducted at Area 51 remains classified, its existence serves as evidence of covert activities.

Area 51 is believed to be a covert operational location where advanced technologies, including aerospace vehicles, are developed and tested. The secrecy surrounding the facility, its restricted airspace, and the tight control of information by the government, all point to the Deep State’s role in suppressing information and maintaining a tight grip on classified projects.

Deciphering Levels of Secrecy: Aerospace Programs and Projects

Insight into levels of secrecy in the context of aerospace programs

When it comes to aerospace programs and projects, there are different levels of secrecy that are implemented to protect sensitive information. These levels range from less classified to top-secret classifications, each with its own protocols and access restrictions.

Understanding the various levels of secrecy is essential in comprehending the extent to which the Deep State goes to suppress information. The higher the classification level, the more tightly controlled and restricted the information becomes, making it challenging for the public to gain access to crucial details.

Case study of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works and Aurora Project

Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works division is renowned for its involvement in the development of advanced aerospace technologies. One notable project associated with Skunk Works is the Aurora Project, which aimed to develop hypersonic aircraft to replace the SR-71 spy plane.

The Aurora Project serves as an illuminating case study, highlighting the Deep State’s manipulation of information. While details about the project have been scarce, whistleblower Edgar Fouche provided valuable insights into the technological aspects of the Aurora project. These revelations shed light on the Deep State’s efforts to suppress information and control the narrative surrounding advanced aerospace projects.

Role of Edgar Fouche in revealing Aurora project’s technological details

Edgar Fouche’s disclosure of information related to the Aurora Project is essential in unraveling the Deep State’s tactics of secrecy. As a former employee of the defense industry, Fouche provided detailed accounts of the hypersonic aircraft technology being developed under the Aurora Project.

Fouche’s revelations offer a unique perspective on the Deep State’s strategies for suppressing information. By whistleblowing and revealing technological details, Fouche risked exposing the Deep State’s covert operations and their efforts to tightly control access to advanced aerospace technologies.

Analysis of advanced aerospace vehicles such as tr3b using torsion field physics

The study of advanced aerospace vehicles often involves cutting-edge scientific principles. One intriguing example is the rumored TR-3B, a triangular-shaped aircraft believed to utilize torsion field physics for propulsion. Such advanced technologies blur the line between conventional engineering and potential reverse engineering of extraterrestrial craft.

Research and analysis into advanced vehicles like the TR-3B offer valuable insights into the Deep State’s control over information related to off-world technologies. The integration of groundbreaking scientific principles in these aerospace projects reflects the Deep State’s covert research and development efforts.

Majestic 12: Controlling UFO and ET Secrets

Historical context and composition of Majestic 12

Majestic 12, often referred to as MJ-12, is a secretive group allegedly responsible for overseeing information regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial life. The group is said to consist of high-ranking military, intelligence, and scientific officials tasked with maintaining strict control over classified UFO-related information.

Understanding the historical context and composition of Majestic 12 is crucial in comprehending the extent of the Deep State’s involvement in suppressing information related to UFOs. By controlling the narrative and access to sensitive data, Majestic 12 plays a crucial role in maintaining the secrecy surrounding these subjects.

Evidence supporting the existence of Majestic 12

While the existence of Majestic 12 has long been a subject of debate and skepticism, there is compelling evidence supporting its existence. Leaked documents, government records, and testimonies from insiders have provided valuable insights into the operations and activities of the group.

The existence of Majestic 12 further exemplifies the Deep State’s ability to keep highly classified information hidden from public scrutiny. The stringent measures taken to protect these secrets underline the importance attributed to suppressing information pertaining to UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

Influence of Majestic 12 on false flag events

False flag events, orchestrated by the Deep State in collaboration with Majestic 12, serve as a means of manipulating public opinion and diverting attention away from sensitive information. These events, designed to appear as natural or accidental occurrences, are carefully planned to further hidden agendas.

The Deep State’s control over information, coupled with their manipulation of events, perpetuates the suppression of information related to UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters. The influence of Majestic 12 in orchestrating false flag events underscores their commitment to maintaining secrecy and controlling public perception.

Full Disclosure vs Limited Hangouts: How the Deep State Plans to Hide the Truth about SSPs  ET Life

Secrecy Control: Access to Off-World Technologies

Challenges in breaking the secrecy system

Breaking through the layers of secrecy surrounding off-world technologies is no easy task. The Deep State’s web of control and manipulation presents significant challenges for those seeking to bring forth information regarding advanced extraterrestrial technologies.

The complex system of compartmentalization, cover stories, and information control serves as a barrier, making it difficult to obtain comprehensive details about off-world technologies. The Deep State’s relentless efforts to maintain secrecy perpetuate the challenges faced by researchers and whistleblowers alike.

The James Forrestal case: Consequences of disclosure

The case of James Forrestal, a former Secretary of Defense, highlights the consequences faced by individuals who dared to challenge the secrecy system. After disclosing information about extraterrestrial craft and a Nazi breakaway colony in Antarctica, Forrestal was overruled by Majestic 12 and subsequently removed from power.

Forrestal’s fate serves as a cautionary tale, shedding light on the risks associated with attempting to disclose information that goes against the Deep State’s agenda. The consequences faced by Forrestal reinforce the Deep State’s determination to suppress information at all costs.

Role of Majestic 12 and control of access to extraterrestrial technologies

Majestic 12’s role in controlling access to extraterrestrial technologies cannot be overstated. By firmly holding the reins of information, the group exerts significant influence over the development and dissemination of advanced technologies derived from recovered extraterrestrial craft.

The Deep State’s collaboration with Majestic 12 ensures that access to off-world technologies remains tightly controlled. This control enables the Deep State to determine which technological advancements are disclosed to the public and which are kept hidden, perpetuating the cycle of secrecy and manipulation.

Kennedy: A Revelatory Relationship with UFO and ET Life Secrets

Kennedy’s exposure to UFO secrets through Forrestal

President John F. Kennedy’s exposure to UFO secrets can be traced back to his relationship with James Forrestal. As Forrestal briefed Kennedy and other Congressmen on the existence of extraterrestrial craft and the Nazi presence in Antarctica, Kennedy became privy to information that challenged the Deep State’s covert operations.

Kennedy’s exposure to UFO secrets through Forrestal highlights the potential threat posed by individuals gaining access to classified information. The Deep State’s efforts to preserve secrecy extended to Kennedy, ultimately leading to his assassination.

Implications of Kennedy’s visit to White Sands and Holloman Air Force Base

Kennedy’s visit to White Sands Missile Range and Holloman Air Force Base further deepened his understanding of UFOs and advanced technologies. Meeting with German scientists and witnessing classified programs, Kennedy gained valuable insights into the extent of cooperation between the United States, Germany, and potential extraterrestrial entities.

The implications of Kennedy’s visit shed light on the complex web of alliances and hidden agendas that exist within the Deep State. His exposure to advanced technologies and the connection to Nazi Germany and Antarctic developments fueled his determination to reveal the truth, ultimately sealing his fate.

Connection to Nazi Germany, Paperclip scientists, and thematic links to Antarctica

The connection between Kennedy’s exposure to UFO secrets, Nazi Germany, and Paperclip scientists provides significant context to the Deep State’s suppression of information. Through Operation Paperclip, German scientists were brought to the United States to continue their technological advancements, contributing to the aerospace programs shrouded in secrecy.

Thematic links to Antarctica, where a breakaway faction of Germans operated in collaboration with Paperclip scientists and potentially extraterrestrial entities, tie together the various elements of the Deep State’s involvement in UFO-related secrecy. Kennedy’s knowledge of these connections and attempts to expose them led to his assassination.

Limited Hangout: Deep State’s Alternative to Full Disclosure

Understanding the strategy of limited hangout

Limited hangout is a strategy employed by the Deep State as an alternative to full disclosure. This tactic involves releasing some truths while deliberately withholding key facts, serving as a form of controlled revelation.

By selectively disclosing certain information, the Deep State can control and manipulate public perception without jeopardizing its own agenda. Limited hangouts allow them to provide a sense of transparency while maintaining a tight grip on classified secrets.

Case study: Bob Lazar’s Disclosure

Bob Lazar’s case serves as a notable example of a limited hangout. Lazar claimed to have worked on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at Area 51, providing tantalizing details about the operations at the secretive facility.

While Lazar’s disclosures shed light on the existence of classified projects and advanced technologies, key details remain hidden. The Deep State’s control over the narrative surrounding Lazar’s claims mirrors their broader strategy of limited hangouts.

Theory about real reverse engineering outside Area 51 and S4

There is speculation that the real reverse engineering of UFOs occurs outside of the well-known Area 51 and its infamous S4 facility. Some theorists suggest that classified projects and significant advancements in off-world technologies take place at Plant 42 in Palmdale, California.

The potential existence of an alternative research and development location raises questions about the Deep State’s strategy. If true, this would further solidify the notion that the Deep State employs limited hangouts to divert attention from the true centers of activity, such as Plant 42 and other undisclosed facilities.

Investigating Plant 42: The Unspoken Heart of Aerospace Technology

Relevance of Plant 42 in UFO reverse engineering

Plant 42, located in Palmdale, California, serves as a crucial hub for aerospace technology development. This site is believed to play a significant role in the reverse engineering of UFOs and the development of advanced technologies.

The connection to Plant 42 underscores the Deep State’s reliance on major contractors, such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing, in their efforts to unlock the secrets of off-world technologies. By keeping these activities concealed at facilities like Plant 42, the Deep State maintains a tight grip on classified aerospace advancements.

Role of Skunk Works and other major contractors in technological developments

Skunk Works, Lockheed Martin’s advanced development division, has long been associated with cutting-edge technological advancements. Their involvement in projects at Plant 42, along with other major contractors such as Boeing, highlights the critical role corporations play in reverse engineering and technological breakthroughs.

The Deep State’s collaboration with major aerospace contractors allows them to leverage the resources and expertise of these corporations. By involving private companies, the Deep State solidifies their control over technological developments while keeping the public at bay.

Testimonies and evidence supporting activities at Plant 42

Numerous testimonies and evidences support the existence of activities at Plant 42 related to reverse engineering and off-world technologies. Whistleblowers and insiders have come forward with valuable information shedding light on the secretive operations conducted at this facility.

These testimonies and evidence further confirm the Deep State’s active involvement in suppressing information while leveraging the resources and capabilities of major aerospace contractors. The information supports the notion that Plant 42 serves as a crucial site for technological advancements within their elaborate secrecy system.

Corporate Involvement in Reverse Engineering and Off-World Technologies

Role of major corporations in reverse engineering efforts

In the realm of reverse engineering and off-world technologies, major corporations play a significant role. Companies such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, and General Dynamics are instrumental in the development and advancement of these technologies.

The Deep State’s reliance on major corporations reflects a calculated strategy to exploit available resources and expertise. By involving private companies in their initiatives, the Deep State effectively controls the research and development of advanced technologies.

Historical timeline of inter-corporational cooperation

Inter-corporational cooperation in reverse engineering efforts dates back to the 1950s. It was during this time that collaborations between German corporations and their American counterparts began, marking a significant turning point in technological advancements.

The historical timeline of inter-corporational cooperation highlights the longevity of the Deep State’s involvement in reverse engineering and off-world technologies. Their ability to foster alliances between major corporations underscores their commitment to maintaining control over advanced developments.

Insight into challenges faced by corporations in releasing advanced technologies

While major corporations contribute to the reverse engineering and development of advanced technologies, they face significant challenges in releasing these technologies to the public. The stringent control imposed by the Deep State prevents the free and open dissemination of these breakthroughs.

The challenges faced by corporations in releasing advanced technologies shed light on the intricate web of secrecy and deception woven by the Deep State. The restrictions imposed on corporations limit their ability to share groundbreaking discoveries, perpetuating the hidden nature of off-world technologies.

Access Denied: Unacknowledged Special Access Programs

The case of Admiral Thomas Wilson’s denied access

The case of Admiral Thomas Wilson serves as a striking example of denied access to unacknowledged special access programs (USAPs). Wilson’s pursuit of information regarding off-world craft was met with consistent denial and restricted access.

Wilson’s experience highlights the extent to which the Deep State goes in safeguarding classified information. The denial of access to USAPs demonstrates their commitment to maintaining tight control over sensitive materials and technologies.

Meeting between Eric Davis and Admiral Wilson

The meeting between astrophysicist Eric Davis and Admiral Wilson further underscores the Deep State’s grip on the access to off-world craft and technologies. Davis, known for his expertise in studying these phenomena, engaged in discussions with Wilson in an attempt to shed light on these classified programs.

However, their meeting was met with unwavering resistance and a refusal to disclose crucial information. The encounter exemplifies the Deep State’s dedication to preserving the secrecy surrounding off-world craft and their reluctance to provide comprehensive access, even to well-credentialed experts.

Admiral Wilson’s description of off-world craft and reverse engineering efforts

Admiral Wilson’s descriptions of off-world craft and reverse engineering efforts offer valuable insights into the extraordinary nature of the technologies being studied. His firsthand accounts provide glimpses into the reality of these advanced crafts and the ongoing efforts to understand and replicate their capabilities.

However, Wilson’s inability to gain full access to these programs and in-depth knowledge highlights the lengths to which the Deep State goes to maintain control over information. The Deep State’s active suppression and manipulation of these secrets further perpetuates their hidden nature.

Conclusion: Effects and Challenges of Full Disclosure and Limited Hangouts

Comparing effects of full disclosure vs limited hangouts on public awareness

The effects of full disclosure versus limited hangouts on public awareness are significant in their implications. Full disclosure would entail the unrestricted release of information, providing the public with comprehensive knowledge of UFOs, off-world technologies, and extraterrestrial life.

Limited hangouts, on the other hand, serve as a strategy to control the narrative and manipulate public perception. By selectively disclosing information while withholding crucial details, the Deep State maintains a level of control and perpetuates the cycle of secrecy.

Potential challenges in revealing the truth about SSPs and ET Life

The potential challenges involved in revealing the truth about secret space programs (SSPs) and extraterrestrial life are multifaceted. The Deep State employs various tactics, such as compartmentalization, cover stories, and limited hangouts, to impede the disclosure of sensitive information.

These challenges stem from the Deep State’s commitment to maintaining control, secrecy, and manipulation. Overcoming these hurdles requires a concerted effort to uncover, expose, and dismantle the web of deception, ensuring that the truth about SSPs and extraterrestrial life reaches the public.

Reflection on how the Deep State might continue to hide or release information

In reflecting on the future, it is essential to consider how the Deep State might continue to operate and manage the release or concealment of information. Given their extensive control over classified programs, operations, and narratives, the Deep State has the capability to continue suppressing information.

To counteract this, continued efforts to expose the Deep State’s tactics, reveal hidden information, and demand transparency are crucial. By shedding light on their strategies and ensuring accountability, the public can challenge the Deep State’s dominance and strive for truth and disclosure.

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