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Woman Dies Of Heart Attack; Shown Parallel Dimensions And How Souls Work (NDE)

by Alien Cosmos

Today’s video features Carrie Cohan, the author of “The Five Lessons of Life,” who shares her incredible near-death experience (NDE) after suffering from a heart attack. In her NDE, she enters the “White Void” of the afterlife and is told to return because she still has much to accomplish. This profound experience transforms her life, leading her to leave behind her previous lifestyle and make significant changes. Despite encountering dark and demonic entities during her NDE, she calls upon God and Jesus, who protect her and drive away these entities. This enlightening journey prompts her to reflect on her past actions, including having an abortion and feeling guilty about her background, ultimately finding peace and turning her life around. Furthermore, the video includes another individual with a family history of heart problems, who also had a near-death experience and encountered a brown bird that took them into the sky, leading them to a white void filled with overwhelming love and no sound. They have a conversation with God, explore different spiritual practices and religions, and learn about the power of thoughts, self-love, and the importance of having a mission in life. They decide to return to fulfill their purpose, emphasizing the significance of spiritual growth and the Five Lessons of Life.

Woman Dies Of Heart Attack; Shown Parallel Dimensions And How Souls Work (NDE)

Background and Heart Attack

Carrie Cohan, the author of “The Five Lessons of Life,” shares her near-death experience (NDE) after dying twice in her 20s due to a heart attack. Carrie’s personal experience with heart issues and her family history of heart problems make her story even more compelling. The event leading up to her heart attack served as a turning point in her life, prompting her to embark on a transformative journey.

The Near-Death Experience

During her NDE, Carrie entered the ‘White Void’ of the afterlife, a state of pure consciousness and existence. In this ethereal realm, she encountered dark and demonic entities, which initially caused fear and unease. However, Carrie called upon God and Jesus, who provided her with protection and drove away the negative entities. What followed was a profound sensation of overwhelming love and silence, which profoundly affected Carrie.

Life Reflection and Crisis

In the midst of her NDE, Carrie reflected on her past lifestyle choices and the impact they had on her life. She grappled with deep feelings of guilt for past actions, including having an abortion. These reflections were further intensified by her family history of heart problems, which made her confront her mortality and the need for change.

Divine Conversations

During her NDE, Carrie had the privilege of meeting with God and a Council of elders. These divine entities imparted spiritual teachings and philosophies, sharing profound insights about life and the universe. Carrie engaged in discussions with them, exploring topics such as her past abortions and the subsequent feelings of regret.

Decision to Return

Carrie faced a pivotal moment in her NDE when she had to decide whether to return to life or stay in the realm of the afterlife. Although she was tempted by the peace and love she experienced, she ultimately chose to come back. Encouraged by the divine entities she encountered, Carrie resolved to fulfill her supposed mission in life.

Parallel Dimensions and Soul Packs

During her NDE, Carrie had extraordinary experiences with parallel dimensions and holographic visions. She witnessed a hologram of a spear containing a cube and pyramids, which expanded her understanding of the universe’s infinite possibilities. Additionally, Carrie was introduced to her soul pack, a group of souls that accompanies her throughout lifetimes. This encounter deepened her understanding of interconnectedness and sparked a desire to have children in the future.

Reincarnation and Lessons from the Afterlife

Carrie’s NDE provided her with profound insights into the concept of reincarnation. She learned about the ‘Five Lessons of Life,’ a spiritual framework that guides individuals in their personal growth and development. In her NDE, Carrie chose her parents for her next life, gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of past experiences and the need to let go of past hurts.

Life After the Near-Death Experience

Carrie’s NDE had a significant impact on her life, resulting in tangible changes in her lifestyle and goals. She became a mother and pursued a career as a counselor and therapist. Inspired by the Five Lessons of Life, Carrie dedicated herself to her spiritual growth and the fulfillment of her mission.

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Carrie Cohan’s near-death experience profoundly impacted her life, prompting her to redefine her priorities and create positive changes. Her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of NDEs and the potential for self-discovery and growth. By sharing her story and embracing her mission, Carrie inspires others to embark on their own spiritual journeys and find fulfillment in life.

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