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Hybrid Souls Genetic Hybrids Embodiments πŸ’ž Twin Rays πŸ”₯Mina the Andromedan 🌟 Mount Shasta 2023

by Alien Cosmos

In this video, titled “Hybrid Souls Genetic Hybrids Embodiments πŸ’ž Twin Rays πŸ”₯Mina the Andromedan 🌟 Mount Shasta 2023,” Mina, an Andromedan/Archangel/Lyran Hybrid, brings forth fascinating insights about advanced beings on Earth. She describes herself as a channeler of messages and light language, offering readings and various services utilizing her unique psionic abilities. Mina delves into the characteristics of hybrid souls, their genetic anomalies, and their ability to manifest 5D gifts. She also explores the concepts of genetic hybrids, embodiments, and walk-ins, providing insights into their unique qualities and missions. Through this captivating talk, Mina invites you to delve into the realms of interdimensional beings and the potential for higher ascension trajectories.

As Mina shares her extensive knowledge, she covers various aspects related to hybrid souls, such as genetic markers, eye color indicators, and rare recessive genes. She discusses the challenges and manifestations that hybrid souls may encounter, including energetic protection, psychic attacks, and difficulties connecting with interdimensional beings. Moreover, Mina touches on topics like abductions, contact experiences, and the visitation of mothers for genetic modifications. With her expertise in galactic readings, Mina sheds light on the significance of twin flame and twin ray relationships, soul contracts, and the integration of soul fragments. Throughout this enlightening presentation, Mina encourages you to embrace the divine union and contribute to the collective ascension of humanity.

Mina the Andromedan

Hybrid Souls Genetic Hybrids Embodiments πŸ’ž Twin Rays πŸ”₯Mina the Andromedan 🌟 Mount Shasta 2023

Characterizing herself as an Andromedan/Archangel/Lyran Hybrid

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Mina describes herself as an Andromedan/Archangel/Lyran Hybrid. She is a hybrid of all the races she has incarnated as, which is what a hybrid soul is. She is a part of the Emerald Order and the Central Race, which precedes the creation of this universe and all universes in the Omniverse. Mina remembers all her past life incarnations since birth and has had lives as the Archangel Lyrion, Andromeda, Pleiadians, Talking Mermaids series B, and Procyon. She is a channeler of messages and light language and offers various readings and services utilizing her psionic abilities, messages from source/guides, akashic records, remote viewing, and timeline shifting.

Channeling messages and light language

As a channeler, Mina is able to connect with different beings and dimensions to receive messages and information. She uses her psionic abilities to access what she needs to know in order to help those who are sent to her via source to facilitate a higher ascension trajectory. Mina also channels light language, which is a form of sacred geometry and frequency-based communication that transcends spoken language. Through light language, she is able to transmit healing energies, activate DNA, and assist individuals on their spiritual journeys.

Offering readings and services utilizing her psionic abilities

Mina offers various readings and services utilizing her psionic abilities. These include galactic history reports, where she goes over every incarnation an individual has had from the moment they fractal from source to their current life, including gifts, karmic connections, and how it relates to their current life. She also offers light language healing and DNA activations. Her readings can provide insight into karmic relationships, twin flame or twin ray connections, and other aspects of an individual’s spiritual journey.

Hybrid Souls

Definition and characteristics of hybrid souls

Hybrid souls are beings who are born with all their past incarnations integrated into their current life. This means that they have memories from all their previous lives. However, it is not necessary for hybrid souls to have all their memories intact. Some may have glimpses or dreams that they feel are connected to their past lives. Hybrid souls may also have strong etheric numbers, which can be verified by others. These numbers indicate the level of density of a being and can be significantly higher for hybrid souls.

Presence of past incarnations and manifestation of 5D gifts

The presence of past incarnations is a key characteristic of hybrid souls. They are able to remember all their past life incarnations, which sets them apart from other beings. Hybrid souls may also manifest 5D gifts that are observable or quantifiable by science. These gifts can include psionic abilities, telepathy, energy healing, and other metaphysical capabilities.

Experience with death or near-death

Hybrid souls may have experienced death or near-death experiences in their past incarnations. These experiences can contribute to their spiritual growth and expansion. By going through these transformative experiences, hybrid souls gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the nature of the universe.

Genetic Markers of Hybrid Souls

Four cones in each eye

One of the genetic markers that can indicate a hybrid soul is the presence of four cones in each eye. This is quantifiable and can be verified by scientific testing. The presence of four cones allows hybrid souls to perceive a wider spectrum of colors and light frequencies, giving them an enhanced visual experience.

Green or multi-colored eyes

Green or multi-colored eyes can also be an indicator of being a hybrid soul. Green eyes, in particular, are significant, especially if they are multi-colored. The presence of multi-colors in the eyes can reflect the diverse genetic backgrounds and hybrid nature of these beings.

Central heterochromia

Central heterochromia, which is the presence of multiple colors in one eye, can also be a genetic marker of hybrid souls. This characteristic further emphasizes their unique genetic makeup and multidimensional nature.

Presence of rare recessive genes

Hybrid souls may also have rare recessive genes that are not commonly found in the general population. These genes can manifest as physical traits or predispositions to certain conditions. The presence of these genes highlights the distinct genetic makeup of hybrid souls.

Significance of Siberian gene

Having a Siberian gene suggests ancestors who lived in sub-zero temperatures. This genetic marker reflects the diverse ancestral backgrounds of hybrid souls and their connection to different parts of the world. It also provides insights into their ability to adapt to different environments and conditions.

Health Challenges and Protections of Hybrid Souls

Thyroid issues and assimilation difficulty

Hybrid souls may face health challenges related to their thyroid. They may experience difficulties in assimilating to the Earth’s environment. These challenges can manifest as thyroid issues such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. It is important for hybrid souls to take care of their thyroid health and seek appropriate medical support if needed.

Energetic protection against psychic attacks and interdimensional intrusions

Hybrid souls are often protected against psychic attacks and interdimensional intrusions. They have energetic armor that shields them from negative energies and unwanted influences. This protection allows them to maintain their energetic boundaries and stay aligned with their higher selves.

Abductions for adjustments and repairs

Hybrid souls may have experiences of being abducted for adjustments and repairs. These interactions with interdimensional beings are necessary for fine-tuning their physical and energetic bodies. Through these abductions, hybrid souls receive upgrades and enhancements to support their spiritual growth and ascension.

Interactions of Hybrid Souls

Contact with interdimensional beings

Hybrid souls often have contact with interdimensional beings such as archangels and blue avians. These beings serve as guides and mentors for hybrid souls, providing them with guidance, support, and teachings. Interactions with interdimensional beings can be profound and transformative, deepening the spiritual connection and understanding of hybrid souls.

Retaining past memories and holding high positions

A unique characteristic of hybrid souls is their ability to retain memories from their past life incarnations. This allows them to carry the wisdom and knowledge acquired from their previous experiences. Hybrid souls often hold high positions in councils or federations in different dimensions or planets, where they contribute to the collective decision-making and spiritual evolution of their respective communities.

Mothers of hybrid souls undergoing visits for genetic modifications

Mothers who carry hybrid souls often undergo visits from interdimensional beings for genetic modifications. These visits occur during pregnancy and involve adjustments and enhancements to ensure the optimal development and functioning of the hybrid soul in the physical body. These genetic modifications align the hybrid soul with its higher purpose and mission on Earth.

Genetic Hybrids and Embodiments

Creation process of genetic hybrids

Genetic hybrids are created using harvested eggs from women and genetically enhanced to be more ET than human. The creation process involves specific genetic modifications to enhance the hybrid soul’s connection to its extraterrestrial origins. These modifications ensure that the hybrid soul carries the desired traits and abilities necessary for fulfilling its mission on Earth.

Special care for genetic hybrids on Earth

Genetic hybrids may require special care and attention to survive and thrive on Earth. Their unique genetic makeup and enhanced ET characteristics can create challenges in adapting to the Earth’s environment. It is important for genetic hybrids to receive appropriate support and guidance to navigate their human experience successfully.

Higher density star seed integration in embodiments

Embodiments occur when a higher density version of a star seed integrates with a human form for a specific mission. This integration allows the higher density star seed to operate within the confines of the physical body and experience life on Earth. Embodiments are guided by the soul’s purpose and serve as a catalyst for spiritual growth and transformation.

Walk-ins during human soul traumas

Walk-ins occur when a human soul experiences trauma, and an ET fragment takes over for a specific mission. This switch of consciousness allows the walk-in to utilize the human form to fulfill its purpose. Walk-ins often occur during challenging life situations and serve as catalysts for spiritual awakening and accelerated growth.

Twin Rays and Secondary Soul Group

Definition and significance of twin rays

Twin rays are a level beyond twin flames and soul mates in terms of connection and complementarity. Twin rays are the highest level of romantic soulmate and represent a reflection of the source embodiment. They bring balance to divine masculine and feminine energies and support each other’s spiritual growth and ascension.

Appearing beyond twin flames and soul mates

Twin rays go beyond the connections of twin flames and soul mates in terms of depth and significance. While twin flames and soul mates can have deep connections, twin rays represent an even deeper level of connection and understanding. Twin rays are rare and their union celebrates the divine union at the highest level.

Roles of secondary soul group

The secondary soul group consists of individuals who are placed in one’s life for spiritual growth. These individuals may include karmic relationships, teachers, mentors, partners, parents, and spiritual leaders. The secondary soul group plays an important role in one’s spiritual journey, providing lessons, challenges, and opportunities for growth and expansion.

Soul Contracts and Integration of Soul Fragments

Understanding soul contracts and their purpose

Soul contracts are formed through karmic relationships and serve a purpose for soul growth. These contracts are agreements made on a soul level before incarnating into a physical body. Soul contracts involve specific lessons, experiences, and connections that contribute to an individual’s spiritual evolution.

Termination or fulfillment of soul contracts

Soul contracts can be terminated or fulfilled when they no longer serve an individual’s highest good. This can happen when the lessons or experiences associated with the contract have been fulfilled or if the contract is preventing growth and expansion. The termination or fulfillment of soul contracts allows for new contracts and experiences to be formed.

Challenges and need for integration of soul fragments

Integration of soul fragments can be challenging but is necessary for soul growth and expansion. Soul fragments are aspects of the soul that have separated or fragmented due to various experiences and traumas. Integrating these fragments requires healing, self-reflection, and inner work. By integrating these fragments, individuals can experience a wholeness and a deeper connection to their higher selves.

Ascension and Higher Selves

Part and process of ascension

Ascension is a process of integrating higher parts of oneself and experiencing growth and expansion on a spiritual level. It involves raising one’s vibration and consciousness, aligning with one’s higher self, and embodying higher frequencies and qualities such as love, compassion, and unity. Ascension is a journey of self-discovery and self-realization.

Role of uncomfortable emotions in growth

Uncomfortable emotions play a crucial role in growth and ascension. These emotions serve as catalysts for transformation and provide opportunities for healing and self-reflection. By embracing and processing these emotions, individuals can release old patterns and beliefs, allowing for spiritual growth and expansion.

Revelation of implanted human lives by higher selves

Higher selves may reveal that human lives are implanted for those who have lived in other galaxies and universes. These implanted human lives serve a purpose in assisting humanity’s ascension and learning. They provide unique perspectives, experiences, and knowledge that contribute to the collective evolution of consciousness.


In conclusion, Mina the Andromedan offers a comprehensive understanding of hybrid souls, genetic hybrids, embodiments, twin rays, and the significance of soul contracts and ascension. She shares her personal experiences and insights, providing valuable information and guidance for individuals on their spiritual journeys. As a channeler and healer, Mina utilizes her psionic abilities and connection to interdimensional beings to assist others in their spiritual growth and ascension.

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