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Paramedic Dies In Crash; Shown That Life Goes On Forever During Incredible NDE

by Alien Cosmos

In a video created by The Other Side NDE, Amanda shares her incredible near-death experience (NDE) after being involved in a car crash. As a paramedic with years of experience, Amanda found herself in a life-threatening situation when another car lost control and collided with theirs on a high mountain road. With no escape route, their car swerved, hit another vehicle, and flipped upside down. Believing she was going to die, Amanda closed her eyes and experienced a profound sense of peace and lightness as she felt herself leave her physical body. She entered a realm of familiarity and love, surrounded by a non-judgmental presence. Eventually, the sounds of yelling and crashing brought her back to her body, and both she and her partner were rescued with minimal injuries. This NDE had a lasting impact on Amanda’s life, leading her to prioritize spiritual growth and detach from material possessions. She now shares her story and offers coaching services on her website, providing further insights and perspectives on the afterlife.

Amanda’s Profile and Background

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Amanda’s upbringing in Toronto, Canada

Amanda Weidman, the protagonist of this incredible near-death experience (NDE) story, was born and raised in the bustling city of Toronto, Canada. Growing up in such a vibrant and diverse environment allowed Amanda to appreciate and value the beauty of different cultures and backgrounds. This exposure to diversity also cultivated her ability to connect with people from all walks of life, a skill she would later utilize in her career.

Her move to Tanzania, East Africa

Although Toronto held a special place in Amanda’s heart, she felt a calling to make a bigger impact in the world. This led her to embark on a journey to Tanzania, East Africa. Amanda fell in love with the country’s rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and warm-hearted people. Tanzania became her second home, providing her with a sense of purpose and fulfillment that she had never experienced before.

Her career as a paramedic

With a desire to help others in their most vulnerable moments, Amanda pursued a career as a paramedic. For 13 years, she dedicated herself to saving lives and providing critical care to those in need. Her experience in the field gave her a deep understanding of the complexities of human suffering and the importance of compassion and empathy.

Work in Emergency Housing for Mental Health and Addictions

In addition to her role as a paramedic, Amanda also had eight years of experience in Emergency Housing for Mental Health and Addictions. This work allowed her to witness firsthand the impact of mental health struggles and addiction on individuals and their communities. Amanda’s unique perspective and insight helped her provide personalized and holistic support to those in need.

Brief introduction to www.lionspiritcoaching.com, Amanda’s website

Passionate about helping others on their personal and spiritual journeys, Amanda launched her website, www.lionspiritcoaching.com. Through this platform, she shares her wisdom, experiences, and techniques for personal growth and spiritual development. Amanda’s website serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking guidance and support in navigating the challenges of life.

The Fateful Car Accident

Scene of the accident on a high mountain road

One fateful day in 2017, Amanda’s life took an unexpected turn. She found herself traveling on a high mountain road, with sheer cliffs on one side and a concrete guardrail on the other. The treacherous terrain amplified the risks inherent in any potential accident, making it a well-known area for fatal crashes.

Circumstances leading to the crash

As Amanda and her partner were driving, another car suddenly lost control and crossed into their lane. With no viable escape route due to the mountainous terrain, Amanda’s partner swerved to avoid a collision. They managed to avoid hitting the car head-on, but the loss of control caused their own vehicle to spin out of control and ultimately collide with another car.

Amanda’s initial response and expectations

In the split second before the crash, Amanda fully believed that her life was about to end. With her eyes closed and muscles relaxed, she leaned back into her seat, ready to accept whatever fate had in store for her. In that moment, she simply surrendered to the inevitable, hoping to find peace in her final moments.

Experience of the Near-Death Incident

The out-of-body experience

To Amanda’s surprise, as she closed her eyes and relaxed her muscles, she felt herself separate from her physical body. She found herself in an ethereal realm, free from the constraints of her physical form. It was an out-of-body experience that defied any logical explanation.

Experiencing a sense of peace and lightness

As Amanda embraced this newfound state of being, she noticed a profound sense of peace and lightness surrounding her. The weight of her physical body was absent, and she reveled in the freedom that came with it. It was a sensation she had never experienced before, and it left her in awe of the weight we carry in our physical existence.

Presence of a loving and non-judgmental entity

In the midst of this surreal experience, Amanda felt the presence of something greater than herself. It was a loving and non-judgmental entity, surrounding her with a sense of familiarity and homecoming. This indescribable presence represented the divine or oneness of all that is, encompassing the spirits of everyone who had ever existed.

Signs of returning back to the physical body

As Amanda basked in the presence of the divine, she suddenly became aware of the sounds of chaos and commotion. The quietness of her ethereal experience gave way to the loud crashing sounds of the physical world. People were yelling, metal was twisting, and her partner’s screams pierced through the noise. These auditory cues signaled her return to her physical body and the impending reality of the crash.

Paramedic Dies In Crash; Shown That Life Goes On Forever During Incredible NDE

Rescue and Aftermath of the Accident

Rescue from the turned car

After the crash, Amanda and her partner were trapped inside their overturned car. However, miraculously, help arrived swiftly. Rescuers, both professionals and concerned bystanders, worked together to free Amanda and her partner from their precarious position. The act of rescue symbolized not only their physical liberation but also a second chance at life.

Amanda and her partner’s minimal injuries

Despite the violent nature of the crash, Amanda and her partner emerged from the wreckage with minimal injuries. They were both incredibly fortunate to have survived such a traumatic event with only minor physical wounds. This near-miraculous outcome left Amanda with a deep sense of gratitude for the gift of life.

Initial reaction post-accident

In the aftermath of the accident, Amanda sat on the concrete guardrail, stunned and dazed. The gravity of what had just occurred began to sink in, filling her with overwhelming emotions. The accident served as a stark reminder of the fragility and impermanence of life, prompting Amanda to reflect on her priorities and the path she had chosen.

Perspective Shifts Following the NDE

Changes in her perspective on life

Amanda’s near-death experience induced profound shifts in her perspective on life. The realization that she had been given a second chance at life shifted her focus towards embracing the present moment and cherishing every aspect of her existence. She became acutely aware that life is too precious to be taken for granted, inspiring her to live with purpose and intention.

Increased focus on spiritual growth

Before her NDE, Amanda had only given passing thought to spiritual matters. However, her encounter with the divine presence during her out-of-body experience ignited a newfound curiosity and thirst for spiritual growth. She embarked on a journey of self-discovery, seeking answers to profound questions about the nature of life and existence.

Decreased attachment to material possessions

The experience of transcending her physical body and entering a realm of pure consciousness challenged Amanda’s attachment to material possessions. She realized that the pursuit of material wealth and possessions paled in comparison to the deeper, more meaningful aspects of life. This newfound understanding led her to detach from material possessions and embrace a simpler, more fulfilling way of living.

Lifestyle Changes Post NDE

Breaking up with her partner

In the wake of her near-death experience, Amanda made the difficult decision to end her relationship with her partner. The experience had awakened a deep sense of self-discovery within her, ultimately leading her to pursue a path of growth and personal transformation that did not align with her previous relationship. It was a necessary step towards aligning her life with her newfound perspective.

Selling her house in Toronto

Another significant change Amanda made was selling her house in Toronto. The attachment to material possessions had been severed, and she no longer felt tied down by the burden of homeownership. By freeing herself from the constraints of physical possessions, she created space for new experiences and opportunities to enter her life.

Adopting a nomadic life in an RV

With her house sold, Amanda embraced a nomadic lifestyle by purchasing an RV. This decision allowed her the freedom and flexibility to explore the world and immerse herself in the beauty of nature. By connecting with the natural world and disconnecting from the distractions of modern living, Amanda found solace and a profound sense of peace.

Spending more time in nature

Nature became Amanda’s sanctuary, providing solace and healing for her soul. She sought refuge in the serene beauty of the natural world, spending as much time as possible immersed in its wonders. Whether through hiking, camping, or simply sitting in quiet reflection, Amanda found a deep connection to the earth and a renewed sense of purpose.

Continuing Impact of NDE on Amanda’s Life

Long-term effects of her NDE

Amanda’s near-death experience continues to have a lasting impact on every aspect of her life. The profound shifts in her perspective, focus on spiritual growth, and detachment from material possessions have become foundational aspects of her existence. She carries the lessons and insights gained from her NDE with her every day, guiding her actions, decisions, and interactions.

Continued emphasis on spiritual growth

Having experienced the depths of spiritual connection firsthand, Amanda remains devoted to her ongoing spiritual growth. She understands that her journey is ever-evolving and commits herself to deepening her understanding of the divine and her place within the universe. This commitment is reflected in her work, her writings, and her interactions with others.

Practicing surrendering and non-attachment to the material world

Amanda’s NDE taught her the importance of surrendering and releasing attachment to the material world. Practicing non-attachment allows her to find freedom and peace within herself, unburdened by the weight of possessions and external expectations. She strives to live in alignment with her spiritual path and embrace the flow of life, trusting in the wisdom of the universe.

Information about the Video and its Creators

The Other Side NDE as the creators

The video showcasing Amanda’s near-death experience is produced by The Other Side NDE, a platform dedicated to sharing stories of individuals who have encountered death and returned with profound insights and experiences. Through their videos, they aim to offer hope, inspiration, and an expanded understanding of life and its mysteries.

Inclusion of exclusive NDE interviews on Patreon and podcast

The Other Side NDE offers exclusive NDE interviews through their Patreon page and podcast. These platforms provide additional content and in-depth discussions on near-death experiences, spirituality, and the nature of consciousness. This allows viewers and listeners to delve deeper into the interconnected realms of life and death.

Background music and footage licensing information

To enhance the storytelling experience, the video incorporates background music licensed through AudioJungle & Epidemic Sound. The carefully selected music helps create an atmosphere that complements the emotional journey Amanda went through during her NDE. Additionally, footage used in the video is licensed through VideoBlocks and Filmpac, ensuring the visual content aligns with the narrative.

Amanda’s Present Life and Work

Amanda’s life in Tanzania

Since her transformative NDE, Amanda has fully embraced her life in Tanzania. The beauty of the country’s landscapes and the warmth of its people continue to inspire her every day. Amanda remains passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of others, utilizing her experiences, knowledge, and spiritual growth to offer guidance and support.

Her continuous learning and growth

Amanda’s journey of personal and spiritual growth never ceases. She understands the importance of continuous learning, seeking out new experiences, and challenging herself to evolve on all levels. By remaining open to the lessons and opportunities life presents, Amanda ensures that her growth is ongoing and her wisdom continues to deepen.

Embracing her renewed spiritual side

Amanda’s NDE opened doorways to spirituality that she had never explored before. Today, she fully embraces her renewed spiritual side and incorporates it into her everyday life. From meditation and mindfulness practices to connecting with like-minded individuals, Amanda’s spirituality is an intrinsic part of her being, guiding her actions and interactions.


Reflecting on Amanda’s incredible near-death experience and its profound impact, it becomes evident that life is indeed a gift to be cherished. Her story exemplifies the power of transformative experiences to shape our perspectives, priorities, and ultimately, our lives. Through her NDE, Amanda discovered the true essence of existence, inspiring her to walk a path of spiritual growth, non-attachment, and surrender. Her message about life, death, and spirituality serves as a reminder that there is more to our existence than what meets the eye, inviting us all to explore the depths of our own divine nature.

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