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Researching Sasquatch: An Astounding Journey Since 1956

by Alien Cosmos

“Researching Sasquatch: A Journey Since 1956” explores the extensive research of Kewaunee Lapseritis, who has dedicated his life to studying Sasquatch since he was a young boy. In 1979, he had a monumental experience when he had telepathic communication with a Sasquatch and an extraterrestrial, who revealed to him the true history of humanity and their connection to positive extraterrestrials.

Lapseritis has written two books about his encounters and has provided photographs of Sasquatch and UFOs. According to his research, Sasquatch is described as wise, peaceful, and highly psychic beings that are seeking to bridge the gap with humanity. They are believed to be working alongside benevolent extraterrestrials in order to uplift humanity and prevent potential planetary disasters.


Kewaunee Lapseritis: The Sasquatch Researcher

Kewaunee Lapseritis is a renowned researcher and author known for his work in the field of Sasquatch research. With over five decades of experience, he has dedicated his life to studying and understanding these elusive creatures. His passion for Sasquatch stems from a profound encounter he had in 1956, which sparked his curiosity and set him on a lifelong journey of exploration.

Introduction to Sasquatch Research

Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, is a legendary creature often described as a large, hairy bipedal humanoid. Throughout history, there have been countless sightings and encounters with Sasquatch, yet their existence remains shrouded in mystery. As an emerging field of research, Sasquatch’s research seeks to understand the behavior, characteristics, and origins of these elusive beings.

The Journey Begins: 1956

Initial Encounters

In 1956, during a camping trip in the mountains of Oregon, Kewaunee Lapseritis had his first encounter with what he believed was a Sasquatch. Late one evening, while sitting around the campfire, he heard distinctive and heavy footsteps approaching from the nearby woods. As he turned his attention toward the sound, he caught a glimpse of a tall and shadowy figure before it disappeared into the darkness. This encounter left an indelible impression on Lapseritis, sparking his curiosity and setting him on a path of exploration.

Curiosity and Fascination

Following his initial encounter, Lapseritis’s fascination with Sasquatch grew exponentially. He immersed himself in studying all available literature on the subject, eagerly devouring books, articles, and reports about Sasquatch sightings and interactions. Lapseritis’s curiosity led him to attend conferences, connect with other researchers, and undertake extensive field investigations in search of more evidence. Over the years, his passion and dedication to Sasquatch research continued to deepen.

Researching Sasquatch: A Journey Since 1956

Telepathic Communication: 1979

A Unique Connection

In 1979, Lapseritis experienced a profound breakthrough in his research when he had an extraordinary encounter with a Sasquatch that introduced him to the world of telepathic communication. During a camping trip in the wilderness, he found himself in close proximity to a family of Sasquatch. To his astonishment, he discovered that these beings were capable of communicating with him through telepathy, bypassing the need for verbal or physical interaction. This revelation opened up new vistas of understanding and propelled Lapseritis’s research into uncharted territory.

Insights into the True History of Humanity

Through telepathic communication with the Sasquatch, Lapseritis gained insights into the true history of humanity, one that diverged from conventional narratives. According to his research, Sasquatch beings have coexisted with humans since ancient times, serving as guardian beings and spiritual guides. They possess vast knowledge about the Earth’s ecosystems, the interconnectedness of all living beings, and the evolution of human consciousness. Lapseritis’s encounters provided a unique perspective that challenged the mainstream understanding of human history and our place in the universe.

Extraterrestrial Encounter

The Sasquatch and Extraterrestrial Connection

Lapseritis’s research into Sasquatch also revealed a fascinating connection with extraterrestrial beings. According to his observations and testimonies from other witnesses, Sasquatch sightings often coincide with UFO sightings and extraterrestrial activity. This correlation suggests a possible interdimensional or multidimensional nature of Sasquatch beings, linking them to a larger cosmic narrative.

Revelations About Positive Extraterrestrials

Through his telepathic communication with Sasquatch, Lapseritis uncovered information about the presence of positive extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth. These benevolent entities, according to his findings, have been monitoring and assisting humanity’s spiritual evolution. The Sasquatch, being intimately connected to these extraterrestrial beings, have acted as intermediaries, conveying messages of peace, harmony, and ecological wisdom to the human race.

The Wisdom of Sasquatch

Characteristics of Sasquatch

Based on his extensive research and personal experiences, Lapseritis described several characteristics of Sasquatch. These beings are typically described as towering between 7 to 10 feet tall, covered in long, coarse hair, and possessing a human-like appearance. They are remarkably agile and possess incredible strength, allowing them to traverse rugged terrains with ease.

The Peaceful Nature of Sasquatch

Contrary to popular depictions in popular culture, Lapseritis emphasizes the peaceful nature of Sasquatch beings. Through his encounters and telepathic communication, he discovered that Sasquatch approaches humans with non-aggression and embodies a deep respect for nature. They are custodians of the Earth, working tirelessly to maintain the balance of ecosystems and preserve the natural world.

Psychic Abilities and Insights

Another fascinating aspect of Sasquatch beings is their purported psychic abilities. Witnesses and researchers like Lapseritis have reported instances of telepathic communication, clairvoyance, and remote viewing associated with Sasquatch encounters. These abilities, according to Lapseritis, stem from their heightened level of consciousness and spiritual awareness. Sasquatch beings possess deep insights into the nature of reality, human potential, and the interconnectedness of all life.

Bridging the Divide

Sasquatch’s Effort to Connect with Humanity

Lapseritis’s encounters and subsequent research reveal a concerted effort by Sasquatch beings to connect with humanity. Through their telepathic communication and occasional physical interactions, they seek to share their wisdom, promote ecological consciousness, and foster a deeper understanding of the interrelationship between humans and the natural world. Lapseritis believes that establishing a genuine connection with Sasquatch beings can help bridge the divide between humans and nature.

The Importance of Building a Connection

Building a connection with Sasquatch beings holds immense potential for humanity’s spiritual growth and ecological stewardship. By embracing the wisdom and insights offered by these elusive creatures, we may develop a deeper appreciation for our place within the natural world. Establishing a connection with Sasquatch encourages a shift in consciousness, fostering a more harmonious and sustainable coexistence with nature.

Sasquatch’s willingness to take the narrator to their dimension for book writing

Lapseritis recounts instances where Sasquatch beings have shown a willingness to transport him to their dimension, allowing him access to their unique realm for the purpose of writing books. These encounters demonstrate the deep trust that has been established between Lapseritis and these remarkable beings, further validating his experiences.

Author and Researcher

Kewaunee Lapseritis’s Contributions

Throughout his decades-long career as a Sasquatch researcher, Kewaunee Lapseritis has made significant contributions to the field. His personal encounters, research findings, and testimonial evidence have shed light on the nature of Sasquatch beings, their connection to extraterrestrial phenomena, and their insights into human history and consciousness. Lapseritis’s work has sparked a renewed interest in Sasquatch research and has opened up avenues for further exploration.

Books by Lapseritis

Lapseritis has authored several books, including “The Psychic Sasquatch and Their UFO Connection,” “The Sasquatch People and Their Interdimensional Connection,” and “The Sasquatch People and The Star People.” These books offer a comprehensive exploration of his research and experiences, providing readers with a deeper understanding of Sasquatch phenomena, their connection to extraterrestrials, and the profound wisdom they impart.

Photographic Evidence

In addition to his written works, Lapseritis has also documented his research through photographs. He has captured remarkable images of Sasquatch footprints, hair samples, and environmental signs of their presence. While photographic evidence alone cannot fully substantiate the existence of Sasquatch, these images add to the growing body of evidence and serve as visual documentation of his ongoing research efforts.

The Impact of Sasquatch Research

Advancements in Understanding

Lapseritis’s research has contributed to significant advancements in the understanding of Sasquatch phenomena. By documenting personal experiences, collating witness testimonies, and analyzing the available evidence, he has helped shape a more comprehensive and nuanced perspective on these elusive beings. As Sasquatch research continues to evolve, Lapseritis’s contributions serve as a foundation for further exploration and investigation.

The Shift in Perceptions

Sasquatch research, once relegated to the fringes of scientific inquiry, has experienced a shift in perceptions as a result of Lapseritis’s work and the efforts of other researchers in the field. Increasingly, mainstream scientists are recognizing the validity and significance of Sasquatch encounters, prompting a more open dialogue and a willingness to delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding these creatures. This shift in perceptions has created space for further exploration and the possibility of unraveling the enigma that is Sasquatch.

Continued Exploration

Ongoing Research Efforts

Lapseritis’s lifelong commitment to Sasquatch research is ongoing. He continues to investigate sightings, compile witness testimonies, and explore the various facets of Sasquatch phenomena. Lapseritis actively collaborates with other researchers and organizations, fostering a network dedicated to unraveling the mysteries surrounding Sasquatch.

The Search for Further Evidence

While research into Sasquatch has made significant strides, the search for concrete scientific evidence continues. Lapseritis and other researchers are actively engaged in the hunt for physical evidence, including DNA samples, vocal recordings, and clear photographic or video documentation. The pursuit of these forms of evidence is fundamental to gaining mainstream acceptance and recognition for the existence of Sasquatch.


The Fascinating World of Sasquatch Research

Kewaunee Lapseritis’s journey as a Sasquatch researcher has been a testament to the enduring fascination and mystery surrounding these enigmatic beings. Through his encounters, research, and writings, he has offered profound insights into the world of Sasquatch, their connection to extraterrestrial phenomena, and their role in guiding humanity toward a more enlightened and ecologically conscious future.

The Quest for Knowledge and Connection

Sasquatch research embodies the quest for knowledge and connection with realms beyond our current understanding. It prompts us to question our place in the universe, examine our relationship with nature, and explore the depths of human consciousness. While the existence of Sasquatch remains unproven in the scientific realm, the pursuit of knowledge and the establishment of a genuine connection with these beings holds immense potential for deepening our understanding of our world and ourselves.

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