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Maui D.E.W: Evidence of Direct Energy Weapon? Judge For Yourself..

by Alien Cosmos

In the video shared by Hawaii Real Estate, Eric West takes viewers on a tour of the L Luna neighborhood in Maui, Hawaii, pointing out what he believes to be evidence of a potential Direct Energy Weapon (D.E.W) incident. He showcases a car with melted aluminum and highlights the high temperatures required to cause such damage. West discusses the absence of a major fire in the neighborhood and contrasts it with the melted vehicles, expressing confusion over the source of the intense heat. He also mentions that the media has been denied access to the town, making this video an essential means of sharing information. West encourages viewers to watch the video, form their own opinions, and support the Lina fire fund.

Through this informative video, Eric West presents intriguing evidence that suggests the possibility of a Direct Energy Weapon being used in a recent fire incident in Maui, Hawaii. He highlights the melted aluminum on a car and discusses the high temperatures required to cause such damage. West expresses surprise over the absence of a major fire in the neighborhood and emphasizes the importance of sharing this information as the media has been denied access to the town. He invites viewers to form their own opinions and support the Lina fire fund.

The original video was likely banned from YouTube and set to private: https://youtu.be/Lg2WV-B26pA
So, we found the ‘banned’ video from a different source. There are MORE videos at the bottom of the post.

Download this video and post it to other platforms if you’d like to get the word out.


Overview of the Maui D.E.W incident

In recent times, the island of Maui in Hawaii has been plagued by a mysterious fire incident that has left residents perplexed. This incident has prompted speculation and theories about the presence of a Direct Energy Weapon (D.E.W) being used to start the fire.

Purpose of the article

The purpose of this article is to present the evidence and observations surrounding the Maui D.E.W incident. By examining the photographic and video evidence, as well as analyzing the context and aftermath of the incident, we aim to provide a comprehensive account of the situation. Readers are encouraged to review the evidence and form their own opinions on the matter.

Evidence of a Direct Energy Weapon

Photographic and video evidence

Multiple photographs and videos have emerged from the Maui D.E.W incident that provides compelling evidence of a high-energy beam causing the fire. These visuals capture the melted car, melted steel, and glass, which have all been subjected to exceptionally high temperatures. Additionally, video footage showcases the unburned neighborhood and green vegetation in the surrounding area.

Comparison to previous D.E.W incidents

The Maui D.E.W incident is not the first time that a D.E.W has been suspected of causing a fire. Previous incidents, such as the California wildfires, have also raised questions about the use of advanced weaponry. By comparing the Maui incident to these previous cases, it becomes apparent that there are striking similarities in the evidence, suggesting a pattern of D.E.W usage.

Examination of the Video Footage

Location and context of the filming

The video footage in question was captured in the L Luna neighborhood of Maui, Hawaii. This location is significant as it provides important context for understanding the incident. By observing the surroundings and proximity to the burn zone, viewers can gain a better understanding of the anomaly.

Identifying potential evidence

The video footage offers valuable insights into the potential evidence of a D.E.W. Viewers can see the melted car, the high-temperature damage to various components, and the absence of a major fire in the neighborhood. These observations serve as vital clues in the investigation.

Observations of the Melted Car

Introduction of the melted car

The melted car stands as a central piece of evidence in the Maui D.E.W incident. Its melted aluminum parts suggest exposure to extraordinary temperatures. The car’s condition has been compared to that of an incinerated vehicle, raising questions about the source of such high temperatures.

Explanation of high-temperature damage

Donovan, who is present in the video, explains that the car’s components require extremely high temperatures to melt. The liquefied aluminum running down the side of the grass fire and the melted caliper, windows, and steel belts all indicate the presence of intense heat.

Comparison to known melting points

Known melting points of aluminum and steel are discussed to highlight the anomaly. The temperatures required to melt the car’s components far surpass what would be expected from a typical grass fire. This stark contrast raises doubts about the traditional fire theory.

Unburned Neighborhood

Contrast with the surrounding environment

In juxtaposition to the burned field and grass, the neighborhood in L Luna stands remarkably unburned. This stark contrast raises suspicions about how intense heat could be present without the widespread destruction typically associated with a fire of this magnitude.

Discussion on the absence of major fire

Considering the lack of burned structures and the absence of a major fire, questions arise about how the heat was generated to melt the car and other vehicles. The absence of significant fire damage fuels theories about the involvement of a D.E.W in initiating the incident.

Possible D.E.W explanation

The unburned neighborhood lends support to the theory that a D.E.W was used during the Maui incident. The concentrated and controlled energy beam from such a weapon would explain the localized high temperatures and the lack of widespread fire damage.

Media Restrictions and Exclusive Video

Access limitations to the town

Curiously, the media has faced significant restrictions in accessing the town affected by the fire. The lack of transparency raises suspicions about the authorities’ desire to control the flow of information and prevent the dissemination of evidence contradicting the official narrative.

Importance of the video evidence

Given the media restrictions, the video footage captured by individuals on the ground becomes of paramount importance. This exclusive video offers a rare glimpse into the incident and presents evidence that might otherwise go unnoticed. Sharing this video becomes crucial for spreading awareness and uncovering the truth.

Additional Evidence: Other Damaged Vehicles

Additional examples of high-temperature damage

Aside from the melted car, the video showcases another vehicle nearby with similar signs of high-temperature damage. This additional evidence strengthens the case for the presence of a D.E.W, as it suggests a pattern of targeted and intense heat within the area.

Supporting the D.E.W theory

The discovery of multiple vehicles with comparable damage lends more credibility to the theory that a D.E.W was involved in causing the fire. The consistency in the manner of damage indicates a deliberate and controlled source of heat, further challenging the conventional fire theory.

Green Vegetation: Recent Growth

Contrast with fire theory

Despite the occurrence of a fire, the grass and trees in the area surrounding the incident show signs of recent growth. This observation contradicts the idea that a large-scale fire had swept through the neighborhood. Instead, it hints at the possibility of a localized source of heat.

A possible explanation for unburned grass and trees

The presence of green vegetation suggests that the incident might not have been caused by a typical fire. Rather, it supports the idea of a targeted energy beam that selectively affects certain areas while leaving others untouched. This theory aligns with the evidence and further strengthens the D.E.W hypothesis.

Discussion on Alternative Melting Points

Considering different materials with lower melting points

To provide a more comprehensive examination, the possibility of different materials with lower melting points is explored. By considering alternative scenarios and materials, it becomes evident that the observed damage exceeds what could be explained by conventional fire sources.

Potential implications for the D.E.W theory

The discussion on alternative melting points serves to reinforce the D.E.W theory. The presence of extreme temperatures that surpass the melting points of known materials used in the vehicles suggests that a directed and powerful energy source was responsible for the incident.


Encouragement for readers to review the evidence

This article presents a comprehensive analysis of the evidence surrounding the Maui D.E.W incident. Readers are encouraged to carefully review the provided evidence, including the photographic and video material, to inform their own opinions on the matter.

Importance of forming individual opinions

In light of the limited access provided to the media and the secrecy surrounding the incident, it is crucial for individuals to critically evaluate the available evidence and draw their own conclusions. Public scrutiny and discernment are necessary for a thorough investigation into the cause of the fire.

Request for sharing the video and donation to the fire fund

In order to shed more light on the Maui D.E.W incident and increase awareness of this potential use of advanced weaponry, readers are urged to share the video footage and information presented in this article. Furthermore, a call to action is made to support the fire fund, ensuring aid reaches those affected by the incident in Lina Town.

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