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Russia’s UFO Crash Retrieval & Reverse Engineering Programs

by Alien Cosmos

In “Russia’s UFO Crash Retrieval & Reverse Engineering Programs – Part 2,” Dr. Anton Anfalov shares his extensive knowledge on UFO crashes and the subsequent retrieval and reverse engineering efforts conducted by Russia and the former Soviet Union. His database includes detailed information on crash locations and where the crafts were taken. Dr. Anfalov also sheds light on the security protocols in place and the existence of Russia’s secret space program. The article highlights a pivotal crash that occurred in 1968 near Ria laa, where an extraterrestrial body and a UFO were recovered. The craft and bodies were taken to Zovsky air base, known for its scientific research institutes and advancements in studying advanced technology. Throughout the article, the author reveals various details, such as secret agreements between the US and Soviet Union, the relocation of retrieved UFOs to a more secure facility, and even shootdowns of UFOs using directed energy weapons in Russia. The existence of a secretive global agency, Russia’s interactions with aliens, and their reverse engineering capabilities are also discussed.

Russia’s UFO Crash Retrieval Reverse Engineering Programs – Part 2

Understanding the Role of Dr. Anton Anfalov

Dr. Anton Anfalov, a renowned researcher, has dedicated his career to studying and analyzing UFO crashes in Russia and the former Soviet Union. Over the years, he has interviewed hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian servicemen who were involved in UFO crash retrievals. Through these interviews, Dr. Anfalov has collected valuable information about the locations of UFO crashes and where the retrieved craft were taken. His extensive knowledge also extends to the security protocols put in place for UFO retrieval and reverse engineering at secret Russian facilities. Additionally, Dr. Anfalov is well-versed in Russia’s secret space program, providing valuable insights into the country’s activities in space exploration.

The 1968 Ria laa Crash and Immediate Aftermath

One of the most significant UFO crashes in Soviet Union history occurred in 1968 near Ria laa. During this crash, several extraterrestrial bodies and a UFO were retrieved. The captured craft, measuring approximately 11 to 12 meters in diameter, along with the bodies, were transported to Zovsky air base near Moscow. Zovsky air base was chosen for its proximity to scientific research institutes and its extensive efforts in studying advanced technology. The crash and subsequent transport of the extraterrestrial craft and bodies to Zovsky marked a pivotal moment in UFO crash retrieval history.

Extraterrestrial Claims from the 1968 Crash

The surviving extraterrestrial from the 1968 crash claimed to be from the Aquila constellation. The Aquila constellation contains a star system called Omicron Aquila, which is of particular interest. Researchers have detected potential industrial activity near Omicron Aquila, suggesting the presence of intelligent civilizations in that area. The extraterrestrial’s claims shed light on the possibility of advanced technology and non-human industrial activity beyond Earth.

Secret Agreements between the US and the Soviet Union

In 1972, secret agreements were reached between the United States and the Soviet Union, allowing each country access to the other’s retrieved alien spacecraft. These agreements had significant implications for international relationships and space research. The exchange of information and collaborative efforts in studying extraterrestrial technology shaped the advancement of both nations’ UFO research programs.

Transition of UFO Facilities from Zovsky to the Ural Mountains

In 1991, concerns about potential sale of retrieved UFOs to the Americans prompted the relocation of the UFO facilities from Zovsky to a more secure facility in the Ural mountains. The move aimed to protect the highly classified and sensitive information related to UFO retrieval and reverse engineering. The new facility provided enhanced security measures, ensuring that the UFOs remained safe from external threats. The decision to transfer the UFOs to a more remote location may have further strategic implications that are yet to be fully understood.

The 2000 UFO Shootdowns in Russia and their Aftermath

In the year 2000, two UFO shootdowns occurred in Russia, both using laser directed energy weapons. The first shootdown took place near Colna on May 26, while the second occurred northwest of Moscow on August 16. These events marked a significant advancement in Russia’s technological capabilities and demonstrated their ability to target and disable unidentified aerial objects. The recovery and subsequent research conducted on the downed UFOs contributed to a deeper understanding of the technology and nature of these objects.

UFO Activity in the Pakova Area

The Pakova area, located in northwest Moscow, has become a hotspot for UFO activity. Numerous sightings and captures of UFOs have been reported in this region. Witnesses have also reported military occurrences involving UFOs, where military trucks arrived shortly after capturing the objects. Witness accounts indicate that the captured UFOs appear to be small and unmanned. In August 2000, witnesses observed a military truck struck by high voltage electricity near Moscow, adding to the mysterious nature of these encounters.

Official Statements and Actions Regarding UFOs

Under the administration of Vladimir Putin, Russia has taken various actions regarding UFOs. The government targeted UFOs with directed energy weapons in 2000, demonstrating their proactive stance in dealing with unidentified objects. Former prime minister and president Dmitry Medvedev made a statement in 2012 referencing the existence of a secretive global agency that guards the secrets of extraterrestrials. These official statements reveal a level of awareness and engagement with the UFO phenomena within the Russian government.

Russia’s Interactions and Agreements with Extraterrestrial Beings

Russia has a history of interactions and agreements with extraterrestrial beings, including reports of contact with Nordic aliens from the Pleiades constellation. These interactions and agreements date back to the 1950s and have shaped Russia’s approach to UFO research and exploration of extraterrestrial technology. Through reverse engineering and alien assistance, Russia has developed its own versions of advanced triangular-shaped TR3B and TR6 UFOs, as well as cigar-shaped spacecraft utilizing technologies from nuclear submarines. The existence of such agreements and the resulting technological advancements have profound implications for Russia’s standing in the global space race.


Dr. Anton Anfalov’s comprehensive research offers a unique perspective into Russia’s UFO crash retrieval and reverse engineering history. Through his interviews with servicemen and his understanding of the inner workings of secret Russian facilities, Dr. Anfalov has shed light on significant events and developments in the field. The extraterrestrial claims, secret agreements, and Russia’s interactions with the beings from other star systems provide a captivating narrative. These activities and alliances, coupled with Russia’s technological advancements, have long-lasting implications for humanity’s understanding of the cosmos and our place within it. As we continue to explore and uncover the truths that have been hidden, the future of UFO research and global relationships may take us down an extraordinary path.

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