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Were 40 Starlink Satellites destroyed to prevent emergence of Quantum Communications?

by Alien Cosmos

In a recent article by Elena Danaan, she explores the possibility that the destruction of 40 out of 49 Starlink microsatellites on February 8 may have been an attempt by the Deep State to prevent the emergence of a quantum communication system. According to information received from extraterrestrial contacts, including one from Alpha Centauri, the female extraterrestrial expressed the importance of Starlink and Elon Musk in the future of communication systems. Quantum communication, which eliminates the reliance on electromagnetic frequencies, allows for instantaneous communication over great distances without harmful EMF waves.

The loss of the microsatellites is unlikely to stop the rollout of Starlink and its future global Wi-Fi system, as there is support from positive extraterrestrial groups for Musk’s efforts in developing a quantum communication system. The article also suggests that the destruction of the town of Paradise in California in 2018 may have been related to the suppression of advanced technology projects developed by extraterrestrials and poses a threat to current global communication systems using harmful EMF transmissions.


The destruction of Starlink satellites is a cause for concern and warrants further investigation. These Starlink satellites launched by SpaceX, have a crucial role in providing global internet coverage and bridging the digital divide. However, they have been targeted and destroyed by unknown entities, raising questions about the motives behind such acts of sabotage. The destruction of these satellites not only hampers connectivity but also poses a threat to the advancement of technology and communication on a global scale.

Information from Extraterrestrial Contacts

Intriguingly, information from extraterrestrial contacts sheds light on the significance of Starlink and its founder, Elon Musk. According to these extraterrestrial sources, Starlink plays a pivotal role in establishing a quantum communication network that will revolutionize how we communicate and connect with others across the globe. These contacts emphasize the importance of protecting Starlink and its mission, as it has the potential to bring forth a new era of technological advancement and unity among humans and extraterrestrial civilizations.

Elon Musk, the visionary behind Starlink, has been pushing the boundaries of technology and space exploration for years. Starlink, with its vast satellite constellation, aims to provide high-speed, low-latency internet access to even the most remote regions of the world. This ambitious project has the potential to change lives, allowing people in underserved areas to access essential educational, medical, and business resources. Elon Musk’s relentless pursuit of innovation and his dedication to improving humanity’s future make him an influential figure in the world of technology and space exploration.

Interestingly, according to extraterrestrial sources, Elon Musk’s endeavors with Starlink have caught the attention of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. These civilizations recognize the potential of Starlink in establishing a quantum communication system, which would enable instantaneous communication over great distances. From the extraterrestrial perspective, Elon Musk’s vision aligns with their goal of promoting unity and the exchange of knowledge across the universe. Their support of Musk’s efforts underscores the significance of Starlink not only for humanity’s progress but also for potential interactions with intelligent beings from other planets.

Various claims from extraterrestrial sources have pointed towards the Deep State as responsible for shooting down these satellites. In an intriguing encounter in Ireland, a Nordic-looking extraterrestrial conveyed that Starlink would soon dominate the communication system, and intriguingly referred to Elon Musk as being “from the same place” as her. This suggestive statement has led many to believe that there may be a connection between Musk and Alpha Centauri, a star system located over four light-years away from Earth. Moreover, there are suggestions that Starlink’s true purpose might encompass the development of a quantum-based WiFi system employing entangled photons for communication.

Surprisingly, the alleged destruction of Paradise, California in 2018 might be linked to underground facilities where extraterrestrials work on advanced technology projects. This raises suspicion that the Deep State could be targeting Musk and his companies due to the threat their quantum-based communication system poses to current global communication systems utilizing harmful electromagnetic frequencies. Nonetheless, the Earth Alliance and positive extraterrestrial groups are actively collaborating to safeguard Starlink and the potential advantages of quantum communications for humanity.

40 Starlink Satellites by SpaceX Fail to Reach Orbit

Quantum Communication and its Benefits

Quantum Technology in Communication

Quantum technology is poised to revolutionize communication by harnessing the principles of quantum mechanics. Unlike traditional communication systems, which rely on electromagnetic waves, quantum communication operates through quantum entanglement and superposition. This breakthrough technology promises secure and tamper-proof communication, as any interference with the quantum states would be detectable. By utilizing quantum properties, such as entanglement, teleportation, and superposition, quantum communication ensures the privacy and reliability necessary for advanced global networks.

Instantaneous Communication over Great Distances

One of the most exciting aspects of quantum communication is its potential for instantaneous transmission of information across vast distances. Through the phenomenon of entanglement, two particles can become linked, regardless of their physical separation. By exploiting entanglement, it becomes possible to transmit information instantly between two entangled particles, regardless of the distance separating them. This advancement would eliminate the time delay experienced in current communication systems, making real-time, global communication a reality.

Elimination of Harmful EMF Waves

The widespread use of existing electromagnetic frequency (EMF)-based communication systems has raised concerns about their long-term health effects on humans and the environment. Quantum communication offers a promising solution by eliminating the need for EMF waves in transmitting information. This development would alleviate the potential risks associated with prolonged exposure to EMF radiation and provide a safer alternative for global communication. By embracing quantum technology, we can protect both ourselves and the planet while advancing our connectivity capabilities.

Possible Connection to Paradise Incident

Suppression of Advanced Technology Projects

The destruction of Starlink satellites raises suspicions of a broader agenda aimed at suppressing advanced technology projects. Throughout history, numerous instances have highlighted attempts to obstruct scientific breakthroughs that challenge existing power structures. The notion that destructive forces interfere with the advancement of Starlink and other groundbreaking initiatives is not unprecedented. It prompts us to examine whether there are hidden forces at play, hindering the progression of technology that could benefit humanity as a whole.

Another intriguing aspect of this speculation is the connection between the destruction of the Starlink satellites and the catastrophic events that unfolded in Paradise, California in 2018. Some believe that the destruction in Paradise was not a mere accident or natural disaster, but rather a deliberate act related to hidden underground facilities. These facilities are purportedly utilized by extraterrestrials working on advanced technology projects, potentially including systems like Starlink.

Linking the Destruction of Paradise and Advanced Technology

Connecting the destruction of the Starlink satellites to the Paradise incident is a theory that cannot be dismissed outright. The incident in Paradise, a town in California, witnessed not only tragic loss but also the destruction of infrastructure, including technology that could potentially revolutionize our society. The correlation between these events raises questions about a coordinated effort to suppress the emergence of advanced technologies and curtail the possibilities they present. Exploring these connections may shed light on the motivations behind sabotaging innovative projects like Starlink.

Threat to Global Communication Systems

The growing influence and disruptive potential of Starlink have seemingly attracted the attention of the so-called “Deep State.” This secretive and powerful group, with hidden agendas, aims to maintain the status quo and control global affairs. Their actions, which include targeting Starlink satellites, pose a severe threat to the advancement of global communication systems. By obstructing the dissemination of knowledge, connectivity, and progress, the Deep State works against the betterment of humanity and maintains its grip on power.

Threat to Current EMF-based Systems

The destruction of Starlink satellites not only jeopardizes the progress of advanced technology projects but also poses a threat to existing electromagnetic frequency (EMF)-based global communication systems. Given their reliance on satellites and ground-based infrastructure, these systems are vulnerable to similar attacks. Disrupting current communication networks could potentially lead to significant disruptions in global connectivity, with severe consequences for society, business, and emergency services. It is of utmost importance to address and counter such threats to ensure the integrity and continuity of our global communication systems.

Possible Attack Scenario

While the official explanation blames natural causes, the possibility of intentional attacks on the Starlink satellites cannot be ignored. The following scenario speculates on the involvement of a dark cult in Europe and its potential objectives.

Speculation of Directed Energy Weapon Use

Speculation has emerged suggesting that the attack on the Starlink satellites was carried out using Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). DEWs use directed energy, such as lasers or microwaves, to cause damage to their targets. If this speculation holds true, it would indicate a deliberate act rather than a natural occurrence.

Involvement of a Dark Cult in Europe

Intriguingly, the speculation surrounding the attack points towards the possible involvement of a powerful dark cult based in Europe. While details about this dark cult remain scarce, various sources have hinted at their existence and nefarious activities. Uncovering the truth about this secretive organization is crucial to understanding the motives behind their potential attack on the Starlink satellites.

Location of the Powerful Dark Cult

While the exact location of the dark cult remains unknown, there are indications that they might be based in northern Italy. The region’s historical connections to secret societies and the existence of hidden underground networks make it a plausible hub for such an organization. Further investigation is necessary to confirm the cult’s presence and activities.

The motive behind the alleged attack on the Starlink satellites by the dark cult remains a subject of speculation. However, it is possible that their objective was to disrupt or sabotage the deployment of a global internet network that could potentially challenge or undermine existing power structures. The implications of the Starlink satellite network go beyond providing internet access, and it is crucial to uncover the true intentions behind such an attack.

While the destruction of Starlink satellites is undoubtedly concerning, it is highly unlikely to halt the rollout of this ambitious project. The determination and resources behind SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, suggest that setbacks will be overcome, and the mission to provide global internet coverage will continue. The persistence and resilience displayed by Musk and his team, along with the support of millions of people who see the potential in Starlink, ensure that this groundbreaking technology will persevere, benefitting humanity and connecting the world like never before.

Future of Global Wi-Fi System

Looking ahead, the impact of Starlink and the emerging quantum communication system goes beyond internet coverage. It paves the way for a truly global Wi-Fi system that reaches every corner of the planet. The quantum-based network, with its unparalleled security and instantaneous communication capabilities, will enable people worldwide to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge effortlessly. A robust and inclusive global Wi-Fi system has the potential to bridge socioeconomic disparities, spur innovation, and foster cultural exchange, ultimately promoting a more harmonious, interconnected world.

Support from Positive Extraterrestrial Groups

Extraterrestrial Support for Musk’s Quantum Communication System

The support Elon Musk’s Starlink and quantum communication system receive from positive extraterrestrial groups is a testament to the importance and potential of these projects. Extraterrestrial civilizations, who have mastered advanced technologies far beyond our own, recognize the significance of the quantum communication network in facilitating interplanetary connections. Their endorsement not only validates the importance of Starlink’s mission but also indicates the potential for positive collaborations between humanity and other intelligent species in the universe.

Importance of Collaborating with Extraterrestrial Groups

Collaborating with extraterrestrial groups is crucial in navigating the challenges that lie ahead. As we venture further into the realm of quantum communication and space exploration, their wisdom, advanced technologies, and intergalactic experiences can offer invaluable guidance and support. Establishing open and respectful lines of communication with extraterrestrial civilizations allows us to tap into their vast knowledge, fostering peaceful interactions and benefiting from their insights. By embracing this collaboration, humanity can accelerate its progress and embark on a shared journey toward a future of enhanced connectivity and understanding.

Earth Alliance and US Space Command

Given the global significance of Starlink and the emerging quantum communication system, it is imperative to establish collaboration between the Earth Alliance and the US Space Command. The Earth Alliance, comprising nation-states committed to fostering peaceful cooperation, and the US Space Command, responsible for protecting national security in space, have a shared interest in safeguarding these groundbreaking projects from external threats. By pooling their resources, expertise, and intelligence, these entities can ensure the safety and continuity of Starlink and the quantum communication network, securing humanity’s technological progress.

Benefit of Humanity

The collaboration between the Earth Alliance and the US Space Command goes beyond the protection of Starlink and the quantum communication system. It serves the greater interest of humanity by promoting global connectivity, enabling equitable access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. Through this alliance, humanity can transcend the limitations of geopolitical boundaries and strive for a future where knowledge, collaboration, and progress know no borders. By nurturing this collaboration, we bridge divides, uplift lives, and create a world where the power of connectivity drives positive change and empowers every individual.


The destruction of Starlink satellites, the emerging quantum communication system, and the wider implications on global communication systems raise critical questions about the future of technology and humanity’s progress. Elon Musk’s unwavering determination, extraterrestrial support, and the collaboration between the Earth Alliance and the US Space Command offer hope in safeguarding these transformative projects. By recognizing the importance of connectivity, we can shape a future where advanced communication systems, grounded in quantum technology, connect the world, bridge the gaps, and propel humanity toward a brighter, more connected future.

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