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Anunnaki History, the Return of Enki and Impact on UFO Disclosure

by Alien Cosmos

Understanding Anunnaki history and the return of Enki is the focus of this article, exploring its impact on UFO disclosure. The speaker emphasizes the gradual process of disclosure and highlights the longstanding collaboration between extraterrestrials and governments. They share personal experiences of encountering Enki and describe the captivating architecture and atmosphere aboard the Nibiru Ship. Additionally, the article delves into the Anunnaki’s connection with Greek gods, their involvement in Atlantis, and Enki’s role as a cosmic alchemist who brings wisdom, knowledge, and a connection to Source.

The power struggle between Space Command and NORAD, the theories surrounding David Wilcock and disclosure, and the dismissal of an alien invasion scenario are also discussed. The article stresses the importance of public realization that ETs are real and expresses optimism for the upcoming year, anticipating pivotal moments for disclosure and the unveiling of hidden truths in 2023 and 2024. Whistleblower protection laws and new legislative requirements for companies regarding extraterrestrial life are also mentioned. Elena Danan’s website, elenadanan.org, is highlighted as a source for information, and listeners are encouraged to subscribe to her YouTube channel and explore the Exopolitics Today series hosted by Dr. Michael Sala.

Understanding Anunnaki History

Introduction to Anunnaki

The Anunnaki, often referred to as the “ancient astronauts,” are a group of deities in ancient Mesopotamian mythology. They were believed to be extraterrestrial beings who came to Earth from the planet Nibiru. The name “Anunnaki” roughly translates to “those who came from heaven to Earth.” According to ancient texts, they played a significant role in the creation of human civilization and were considered gods by the people of ancient Sumeria.

Anunnaki Castes and Immortality

The Anunnaki were divided into different castes, with each caste having its unique powers and responsibilities. The highest caste was known as the “Igigi,” and they were considered the most powerful and divine among the Anunnaki. The Igigi were believed to possess immortality, imparted to them by their supreme deity, Enlil.

However, not all Anunnaki were immortal. The rank and file Anunnaki, known as the “Anunna,” were not blessed with eternal life. They were subject to aging and mortality, albeit at a much slower pace than humans. The concept of immortality among the Anunnaki played a crucial role in their interactions with humans and their role in shaping human civilization.

Anunnaki’s Connection to Greek Gods

There has been speculation about a potential connection between the Anunnaki and the Greek gods. Many researchers and scholars believe that the stories and attributes associated with Greek mythology may have originated from the Anunnaki. The parallels between the two mythologies, such as the involvement of gods in human affairs and their interactions with mortals, suggest a possible link.

The Greek gods, like the Anunnaki, were believed to possess extraordinary abilities and played significant roles in various aspects of human life. The stories of Zeus, Poseidon, and other Greek deities bear a striking resemblance to the tales of Enlil, Enki, and Anunnaki’s power dynamics.

Anunnaki and Atlantis

The concept of Atlantis, a mythical island civilization that sank into the ocean, has captivated the human imagination for centuries. Some researchers propose a connection between the Anunnaki and the legend of Atlantis. They suggest that the Anunnaki may have had a role in the rise and fall of Atlantis, possibly as mentors or benefactors to the advanced civilization.

While the evidence linking the Anunnaki directly to Atlantis remains speculative, the parallels between the two narratives are intriguing. Both involve advanced civilizations, interactions between divine beings and mortals, and catastrophic events leading to their demise.

The Return of Enki

Enki as the Cosmic Alchemist

Enki, one of the prominent Anunnaki deities, is often regarded as a pivotal figure in the story of human creation and evolution. Known as the “cosmic alchemist,” Enki possessed immense knowledge and wisdom. He was renowned for his mastery of genetics and his ability to manipulate DNA, a skill believed to have been instrumental in the creation of humanity.

Enki’s role as the cosmic alchemist extends beyond the realm of genetics. He is believed to have explored various realms of knowledge and shared his wisdom with the ancient Sumerians, leaving a profound impact on their culture and civilization.

Enki’s Wisdom and Connection to Source

Enki’s wisdom was not limited to scientific knowledge alone. He was also deeply connected to the universal source of consciousness. This connection allowed him to access higher realms of understanding and perceive reality beyond the physical realm. It is through this connection that Enki gained his insights into the nature of existence and the purpose of humanity’s evolution.

Enki’s connection to the source of consciousness also endowed him with profound empathy and compassion for the struggles and challenges of human existence. He was believed to be genuinely invested in the development and well-being of humanity, guiding and protecting them throughout history.

Meeting Enki on the Nibiru Ship

In recent years, reports have emerged of encounters with extraterrestrial beings, including the alleged sighting of Enki himself. Some individuals claim to have had direct contact with Enki aboard the Nibiru ship, a spacecraft associated with the Anunnaki.

These encounters describe Enki as a being of immense wisdom, radiating a sense of love and compassion. According to the accounts, meeting Enki aboard the Nibiru ship is a transformative experience, offering profound insights and revelations about the nature of the universe and humanity’s place within it.

Architecture and Atmosphere of Nibiru Ship

Reports and testimonies from those who claim to have visited the Nibiru ship describe a remarkable architectural and atmospheric environment. The ship is said to be vast, with intricate designs and advanced technology. It is often described as a living entity, pulsating with energy and consciousness.

The atmosphere inside the Nibiru ship is reported to be deeply soothing and harmonious, emanating a sense of peace and serenity. Many individuals who claim to have visited the vessel describe it as a sacred space where profound transformations and revelations occur.

Impact on UFO Disclosure

Extraterrestrials Working with Governments

The possibility of extraterrestrial beings working in collaboration with governments has been a subject of speculation and debate for many years. Some believe that various governments have established confidential contacts and interactions with extraterrestrial civilizations, including the Anunnaki.

Proponents of this theory argue that the advanced knowledge and technology possessed by these extraterrestrial beings could greatly benefit humanity if shared openly. However, concerns about the potential impact on societal stability, religious beliefs, and geopolitical power dynamics have led to the secrecy surrounding these alleged collaborations.

Transfer of Custodianship of Solar System

According to certain theories, the Anunnaki played a significant role in the transfer of custodianship of the solar system from an ancient reptilian race to human beings. This transfer is believed to have taken place during a pivotal period in Earth’s history, leading to the rise of human civilization and the eventual dominance of Homo sapiens.

The transfer of custodianship, if true, suggests that humanity is not alone in the universe and that there are extraterrestrial forces shaping our existence. The implications of this potential revelation could have far-reaching consequences for our understanding of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.

Power Struggle in Space Command and NORAD

Speculation about a power struggle between the space command and NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, has emerged in recent years. It is suggested that factions within these organizations are vying for control over the disclosure of classified information regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters.

Those who advocate for disclosure argue that the suppression of information hampers humanity’s progress and understanding of the larger cosmic reality. The alleged power struggle underscores the complexity and resistance surrounding the disclosure of classified information.

David Wilcock and Disclosure Theories

One prominent figure in the UFO disclosure and conspiracy theory community is David Wilcock. Wilcock has been a vocal proponent of the idea that extraterrestrial beings are intricately involved in Earth’s history and that their existence has been intentionally kept secret.

Wilcock’s theories draw from ancient texts, whistleblower testimonies, and his own research to construct a narrative of a hidden reality intertwined with human civilization. While his ideas have garnered a significant following, they remain heavily debated and subject to skepticism

Importance of the Public’s Realization of ETs

The realization and acceptance of the existence of extraterrestrial beings are crucial for humanity’s advancement on various fronts. It would expand our understanding of the universe, challenge our existing beliefs and paradigms, and potentially revolutionize scientific and technological development.

Moreover, the realization of extraterrestrial beings’ existence may prompt a shift in our collective consciousness, fostering unity and a sense of shared responsibility for the planet and its inhabitants. It would invite us to reevaluate our relationship with the cosmos and recognize the interconnectedness of all life forms.

Dismissing Likelihood of Alien Invasion

While there has been a fair share of speculation about the potential threat of an alien invasion, many experts dismiss such notions as baseless fear-mongering. The absence of concrete evidence supporting the existence of hostile extraterrestrial civilizations or their intent to invade Earth suggests that claims of imminent invasion should be treated with caution.

Although it is essential to remain vigilant and open to various possibilities, it is equally crucial to approach such claims critically and avoid succumbing to fear-driven narratives.

Optimism for Disclosure in 2023 and 2024

With increasing public interest and pressure for disclosure, many anticipate significant developments in the coming years. Some researchers and whistleblowers predict that 2023 and 2024 could mark a turning point in the disclosure of classified information regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters.

While the exact nature and extent of these potential disclosures remain uncertain, many hold a hopeful outlook that greater transparency and openness will prevail. These anticipated revelations have sparked excitement and expectations within the UFO and disclosure communities, fostering a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead.

Year of Disclosure – 2023

Expectations for Disclosure in 2023

2023 has become a focal point for those anticipating disclosure of classified information related to UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters. Many hope that this year will witness significant breakthroughs in the release of long-suppressed data and documentation.

Expectations for 2023 include the declassification of government files, testimonies from high-ranking officials, and further revelations from whistleblowers and researchers. The hope is that these developments will contribute to a broader public understanding of the extraterrestrial presence and foster constructive dialogue among various stakeholders.

Whistleblower Protection Laws

The protection of whistleblowers is crucial in ensuring the dissemination of accurate and reliable information regarding UFO encounters and related classified materials. Whistleblower protection laws provide a legal framework to encourage individuals with insider knowledge to come forward without fear of persecution or reprisal.

The existence and enforcement of effective whistleblower protection laws are essential to enabling transparency and accountability within governmental and corporate systems. By safeguarding the rights and well-being of individuals who expose wrongdoing or hidden truths, society can foster an environment conducive to open disclosure and progress.

New Congressional Legislation on ET Projects

Efforts have been underway to introduce new congressional legislation that addresses the issue of UFO disclosure and classified extraterrestrial projects. These proposed bills aim to enhance government transparency and accountability regarding the existence and nature of encounters with UFOs.

The introduction of such legislation reflects the growing public interest in the subject and the need for a more comprehensive framework to address the complexities surrounding UFO disclosure. By establishing clear guidelines and procedures for the handling of classified information, these bills seek to pave the way for more significant revelations and a better-informed public.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

To reinforce the importance of disclosure and incentivize compliance, there have been discussions about potential consequences for individuals or organizations that fail to comply with disclosure directives. These consequences might include fines, reputational damage, or legal penalties for withholding or intentionally suppressing information.

The establishment of clear consequences for non-compliance aims to discourage the perpetuation of secrecy and encourage a more transparent approach to the discussion surrounding UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters. It seeks to ensure that those responsible for concealing information are held accountable for their actions.

Timeline for Project Revelation

The timeline for project revelation, or the gradual disclosure of classified information, remains uncertain. It is a complex and multifaceted process that involves navigating legal, political, and societal considerations. The timing and sequence of disclosure are likely to be influenced by various factors, including public demand, governmental willingness, and prevailing geopolitical conditions.

While some anticipate a swift and comprehensive release of information, others argue for a more gradual and controlled approach. Balancing the need for transparency with potential societal ramifications is a delicate task, and the timeline for project revelation will likely reflect these complexities.

Elena Danan’s Website and Updates

Elena Danan, an experiencer and researcher in the field of extraterrestrial encounters, has played a prominent role in disseminating information related to UFOs and disclosure. Her website, elenadanan.org, provides valuable insights, testimonials, and analysis regarding extraterrestrial phenomena and their implications for humanity.

Updates from Danan and her community offer a unique perspective on the disclosure process and connect individuals interested in the UFO phenomenon. By engaging with her work, individuals can stay informed about the latest developments and contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Elena Danan and Her Works

Information about Elena Danan

Elena Danan is an experiencer and researcher who has dedicated herself to understanding and disseminating knowledge about extraterrestrial encounters. Her encounters with benevolent beings and her in-depth investigations have provided her with unique insights into the nature of these experiences.

Danan’s work focuses on bridging the gap between scientific research, personal experiences, and spiritual inquiry. By combining these perspectives, she brings a holistic approach to understanding the extraterrestrial presence and its significance for humanity’s evolution.

Books and Website: elenadanan.org

Through her published works, Elena Danan offers profound insights and narratives about her personal experiences and encounters with extraterrestrial beings. These books provide readers with a glimpse into her remarkable journey and invite them to explore their own perspectives on the nature of human existence and our relationship with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Danan’s website, elenadanan.org, serves as a platform for sharing her research, updates, and valuable resources related to UFOs, disclosure, and the cosmic landscape. Visitors to the site can access articles, interviews, and additional information that contributes to a broader understanding of the subject.

Subscription to YouTube Channel

Elena Danan’s YouTube channel offers a multimedia approach to engaging with her work and staying updated on the latest developments in the field of UFO disclosure. By subscribing to her channel, individuals can gain access to video content, interviews, and discussions that deepen their knowledge and provide alternative perspectives on the extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Through her videos, Danan provides thought-provoking insights and attempts to bridge the gap between scientific research, personal experiences, and spiritual understanding. Subscribers can engage with her content and contribute to a growing community of individuals exploring the UFO disclosure movement.

Webinars and Q&A Sessions

Elena Danan conducts webinars and Q&A sessions to facilitate a more interactive and engaging experience for individuals interested in UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters. These sessions provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions, share their own experiences, and learn from the collective wisdom of the community.

By participating in webinars and Q&A sessions, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of various aspects of the extraterrestrial phenomenon and engage with like-minded individuals who share their curiosity and passion. Danan’s expertise and open-minded approach make these sessions valuable and illuminating experiences for participants.

Extraterrestrial and Space Organization Information

Elena Danan’s research and firsthand experiences offer a unique perspective on extraterrestrial civilizations and their place within the cosmic landscape. Through her work, she endeavors to shed light on the intricacies of these civilizations, their motivations, and their interactions with humanity.

By delving into Danan’s research and insights, individuals can expand their awareness of the vastness of the universe and come to understand the potential impact of extraterrestrial civilizations on human development and consciousness. Danan’s work provides an opportunity to explore the cosmic tapestry and our place within it.

About Exopolitics Today Podcast

Host: Dr. Michael Sala

The Exopolitics Today podcast, hosted by Dr. Michael Sala, offers a platform for in-depth discussions and analysis of UFOs, extraterrestrial encounters, and related topics. Dr. Sala, an expert in the field of exopolitics, brings his extensive knowledge and research to the conversations, providing listeners with a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.

As an author and lecturer, Dr. Sala has dedicated his career to unraveling the complexities of the extraterrestrial phenomenon. Through the podcast, he engages with experts, experiencers, and researchers to explore diverse perspectives and foster a comprehensive understanding of cosmic reality.

Part of Exopolitics Today Series

The Exopolitics Today podcast is part of a broader series dedicated to illuminating the often-overlooked dimension of extraterrestrial politics and its impact on human affairs. The series delves into the complexities and implications of the extraterrestrial presence, encouraging listeners to question their existing beliefs and assumptions.

Through engaging dialogues and thought-provoking interviews, the Exopolitics Today series aims to cultivate an informed and critically engaged community interested in exploring the broader implications of the extraterrestrial phenomenon. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking thought-provoking discourse on the subject.

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To foster a sense of community and expand the reach of the podcast, listeners are encouraged to like, share, and subscribe to Exopolitics Today. By engaging with the content and spreading the word, individuals contribute to the growth of a community that is passionate about exploring the mysteries and implications of the extraterrestrial presence.

Liking, sharing, and subscribing enable the podcast to reach a wider audience, nurturing the development of a more informed and engaged public discourse surrounding UFOs, disclosure, and the evolving cosmic narrative. The support of listeners helps ensure the continued production and dissemination of valuable content.

Access to Books, Webinars, and Podcasts

The Exopolitics Today podcast serves as a gateway to a wealth of additional resources, including books, webinars, and other relevant podcasts. By accessing these materials, listeners can deepen their understanding of the extraterrestrial phenomenon and explore various perspectives through multi-modal learning experiences.

The availability of books, webinars, and podcasts provides individuals with a comprehensive foundation for exploring the complexities and implications of extraterrestrial presence. It fosters an environment of continuous learning and invites individuals to broaden their knowledge and engage with the subject matter from various angles.


The exploration of Anunnaki’s history, Enki’s return, and the potential for UFO disclosure in 2023 offer a glimpse into the fascinating world of extraterrestrial phenomena. The Anunnaki’s role in human civilization, Enki’s cosmic wisdom, and the influence of whistleblowers and researchers like Elena Danan contribute to a deeper understanding of our place in the universe.

The impact of disclosure on public awareness and the importance of Elena Danan’s information cannot be understated. By engaging with reputable sources and fostering open dialogue, we can strive for a more comprehensive understanding of the extraterrestrial phenomenon and its profound implications for humanity’s evolution.

As we continue to navigate the complexities of UFO disclosure and explore our cosmic realities, appreciation for informative platforms such as the Exopolitics Today podcast becomes paramount. Through the podcast’s thought-provoking discussions and insightful guests, we can engage in a collective journey toward a more profound and enlightened understanding of the universe and our place within it.

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