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Ea Staggering Revelations On Lahaina’s Fire. Thor Han Speaks About The Dew Satellites.

by Alien Cosmos

In a staggering revelation, Prince Ea uncovers the shocking truth behind the destructive Lahaina fire that swept through Maui. The fire, it turns out, was not a mere accident, but the result of a sinister blood-death ritual performed by Dark humans to claim ancestral lands. As High Commander Thor Han sheds light on the matter, he also speaks about the Deep State DEW satellites and the Galactic Federation of Worlds’ ongoing search to disable them. These satellites, responsible for the elusive Directed Energy Weapon attack, have proven difficult to locate. However, the Earth Alliance, comprising the White Hats Earth military and the Galactic Federation of Worlds, is determined to protect Earth’s space and dismantle these dangerous weapons. Amidst the chaos, a rescue operation is underway to save the missing children, who were abducted for trafficking. It seems that Earth’s fate lies in the hands of the Galactic Federation, which can only intervene once our planet becomes a peaceful civilization. Unbeknownst to us, this alliance has been tirelessly working to safeguard Earth since the 1940s.

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Prince Ea’s Revelations on Lahaina’s Fire

In a shocking revelation, Prince Ea has come forward to discuss the true reasons behind the devastating Lahaina fire on Maui. This tragic event, which left the community in despair, has sparked numerous theories and speculations. However, Prince Ea brings forth a compelling narrative that sheds light on the dark secrets lurking beneath the surface.

According to Prince Ea, the Lahaina fire was not a mere accident or a natural disaster. Instead, it was a deliberate act orchestrated by hidden forces. These forces, he suggests, are the Dark humans who have been utilizing a magic blood-death ritual to acquire ancestral lands. Through this arcane practice, they tap into ancient powers and manipulate energy to further their own agenda.

The Deep State DEW Satellites

To delve further into the intrigues surrounding the Lahaina fire, we turn to High Commander Thor Han. He provides insights into the Deep State DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) satellites, which are believed to be at the center of this malevolent plot. According to Han, these satellites belong to a clandestine group known as the Deep State.

Han reveals that the Deep State has been utilizing these advanced satellites to carry out destructive acts worldwide. Their purpose? To exert control and maintain dominance over Earth and its resources. These satellites possess the capability to unleash devastating energy beams from space, ensuring their covert operations remain undetected and unchallenged.

Lahaina’s Powerful Positive Charge Node

Lahaina holds a significant role in this intricate web of conspiracy. It functions as a powerful positive charge node, acting as a natural portal that connects distant destinations, such as Manahu in the Pleiades. This unique characteristic has drawn the attention of various groups, both benevolent and malevolent, seeking to harness its energy for their own purposes.

While the Galactic Federation of Worlds recognizes Lahaina’s potential for positive transformation and interstellar connections, the Dark humans view it as a means to further their dark and manipulative intentions. The Lahaina fire, orchestrated through the magic blood-death ritual, was an attempt by the Dark humans to gain control over this powerful positive charge node and exploit its energy for their own gain.

The World Economic Forum’s Satellites

Unveiling yet another layer of this complex web of deception, we turn our attention to the involvement of the World Economic Forum’s satellites. Responsible for addressing global economic, social, and political challenges, the World Economic Forum has long been regarded as a key player in shaping the world’s future. However, it appears that their reach extends far beyond their stated objectives.

These satellites once believed to be tools for communication and observation, bear a more ominous purpose. Evidence suggests that they were instrumental in carrying out the Directed Energy Weapon attack that caused the Lahaina fire. It is a chilling reminder of the hidden power wielded by those who operate behind the scenes and manipulate world events for their own gain.

Search for the Satellites

In the wake of these revelations, the Galactic Federation of Worlds has been tirelessly searching for the elusive Deep State DEW satellites. Their mission is to locate and neutralize these instruments of destruction to ensure the safety of Earth and its inhabitants. However, this task is far from easy.

The Deep State has taken extensive measures to conceal the satellites, making it challenging for the Galactic Federation to pinpoint their exact locations. Advanced cloaking technologies and intricate layers of subterfuge create a formidable obstacle to their efforts. Nevertheless, the Galactic Federation remains resolute in its pursuit, determined to disable these weapons of mass destruction.

Earth Alliance’s Role in Protecting Earth

Confirming the Earth Alliance’s responsibility in safeguarding Earth’s space, High Commander Thor Han emphasizes the need to disable the Deep State DEW satellites. As part of an expansive coalition of forces dedicated to protecting our planet, the Earth Alliance comprises the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the White Hats Earth military.

The Earth Alliance recognizes the imminent threat posed by the Deep State and its covert operations. Their mission is to dismantle these destructive systems and ensure the safety of Earth and its inhabitants. By neutralizing the Deep State DEW satellites, the Earth Alliance aims to restore peace and harmony, shielding humanity from the malevolent forces that seek to exploit and manipulate our world.

Rescue Operation for Missing Children

In the midst of the chaos and intrigue surrounding the Lahaina fire, another harrowing revelation surfaces – the abduction of innocent children for trafficking. These missing children have become victims of a nefarious underworld that thrives on exploitation and cruelty. Fortunately, a determined rescue operation is underway to locate and protect these innocent souls.

Efforts are being made to uncover the hidden networks responsible for these heinous crimes. The Earth Alliance, in collaboration with various intelligence agencies and advocacy groups, is tirelessly working to penetrate this sinister web and bring the perpetrators to justice. Every child that is rescued is a step closer to dismantling this deep-rooted network of darkness.

Galactic Federation of Worlds’ Intervention

Amidst the struggles and dangers faced by Earth in recent times, the Galactic Federation of Worlds has been closely monitoring our planet’s progress toward becoming a peaceful planetary civilization. While they have demonstrated their willingness to intervene and protect Earth’s planetary safety zone, certain conditions must be met.

The Galactic Federation’s intervention can only be initiated once Earth establishes itself as a harmonious and peaceful global civilization. Collaboration, unity, and a genuine commitment to the well-being of all species are essential prerequisites for their intervention. It is a call to humanity to rise above division and strife, embracing a higher path toward coexistence and shared prosperity.

History of Earth Alliance’s Protection Efforts

The intricate dance between the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation of Worlds has a deep-rooted history. Dating back to the 1940s, the Earth Alliance, spearheaded by the White Hats Earth military, has been engaged in a steadfast mission to protect Earth from external threats and covert manipulations.

Working alongside the Galactic Federation, the Earth Alliance has uncovered and thwarted numerous attempts to destabilize our planet. Together, they have defended Earth’s sovereignty, ensuring that humanity’s evolution remains in the hands of benevolent forces rather than falling prey to malevolent agendas.

In conclusion, the revelations surrounding the Lahaina fire on Maui shed light on a convoluted web of conspiracy and manipulation. Prince Ea’s courageous disclosure and High Commander Thor Han’s insights into the Deep State DEW satellites serve as a wake-up call for humanity to unite against these hidden forces. It is through collaboration, resilience, and a commitment to truth and justice that we can safeguard our world and create a future guided by harmony, compassion, and freedom.

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