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Project Starmaker: How Extraterrestrials Use Slave Labor to Build New Stars

by Alien Cosmos

In the explosive interview “How Extraterrestrials Use Slave Labor to Build New Stars,” Tony Rodrigues shares his firsthand experiences as a pilot on a star-making project. He reveals how extraterrestrials employ slave labor to build and ignite stars in gaseous nebulae, creating habitats for life. Rodrigues’ accounts align with ancient texts and writings, shedding light on secret space programs and the mistreatment of individuals within them. His book, Project Starmaker,  a sequel to Ceres Colony Cavalier, provides evidence validating his experiences, including finding a plane in Peru that he recalls and speaking with Peruvian pilots. By sharing his experiences, Rodrigues hopes to bring awareness and justice to the existence of secret space programs.

In an interview with Dr. Michael Salla, Tony Rodrigues further discusses his experiences and ongoing efforts to validate them. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining transparency and accountability when it comes to the treatment of individuals caught up in secret space programs. Rodrigues’ unique testimony provides insights into the different ways people can be coerced or tricked into joining these programs and the subsequent mistreatment they endure as slaves. As the world moves towards greater transparency, Rodrigues urges reconciliation and justice for those who have suffered in these programs.

Welcome to an intriguing exploration of the use of slave labor by extraterrestrials in the fascinating process of star ignition within gaseous nebulae. In this article, we will delve into the experiences of Tony Rodrigues, a former pilot who spent ten years involved in a star-making project. We will also examine parallels with ancient texts and writings, as well as the validation of these experiences through evidence in Peru and conversations with Peruvian pilots. Additionally, we will discuss the existence of secret space programs and the treatment of individuals within these programs. Finally, we will emphasize the importance of sharing these experiences to advocate for justice and raise awareness.

Tony Rodrigues’ Experiences

Background of Tony Rodrigues

Tony Rodrigues is an individual who had a unique set of experiences that have shed light on the extraterrestrial use of slave labor in star ignition within nebulae. Hailing from a humble background, Tony embarked on a journey that would change his life forever.

Ten years as a pilot on a star-making project

For a decade, Tony Rodrigues served as a pilot in a star-making project, Project Starmaker, that involved beings from distant planets. During this time, he witnessed firsthand the use of slave labor in the process of igniting stars within gaseous nebulae. Through his experiences, Tony gained profound insights into the methods employed by these extraterrestrial beings.

Slave Labor in Star Ignition

Overview of Extraterrestrial Use of Slave Labor

The concept of extraterrestrial beings utilizing slave labor for their activities is not a new one. Throughout history, there have been numerous accounts that highlight the exploitation of sentient beings for various purposes. In the context of star ignition, these extraterrestrial entities employ enslaved individuals to carry out the intricate tasks involved in this complex process.

Building and Igniting Stars in Gaseous Nebulae

Building and igniting stars in gaseous nebulae is a highly precise and intricate process that requires a significant amount of labor. Extraterrestrial beings, seeking to harness the energy and power that stars possess, resort to slave labor to accomplish these tasks. The enslaved individuals are forced to manipulate energy fields, manipulate matter, and oversee the ignition of stars within these nebulae.

Cosmic Cliffs Eta Carina Nebula

Cosmic Cliffs Eta Carina Nebula

Parallels with Ancient Texts and Writings

Similarities to Sumerian Texts

Interestingly, there are striking parallels between Tony Rodrigues’ experiences and the accounts found in ancient Sumerian texts. The Sumerians, one of the oldest civilizations known to mankind, possessed extensive knowledge about the cosmos and celestial events. These texts allude to the existence of advanced beings, possibly extraterrestrials, involved in various activities including star ignition.

Dolores Cannon’s Writings

Author and past life regressionist Dolores Cannon has extensively written about individuals who have recalled past lives and experiences involving interaction with extraterrestrial beings. Her works shed light on the possibility of star ignition being conducted by these advanced entities, as Tony Rodrigues’ experiences seem to align with the narratives in Cannon’s writings.

Comparison to Norman Bergrum’s Ringmakers of Saturn

Norman Bergrum’s book, “Ringmakers of Saturn,” explores the phenomenon of advanced extraterrestrial beings constructing immense structures around Saturn’s rings. While this may seem unrelated to star ignition, it serves as a testament to the advanced abilities and technologies possessed by these beings. Drawing this comparison allows us to further understand the plausibility of slave labor being employed in star-making projects.

Validation of Experiences

Evidence in Peru

While Tony Rodrigues’ experiences may seem extraordinary, there are certain pieces of evidence that strengthen the validity of his claims. In Peru, there exist ancient Nazca lines depicting various celestial objects, including stars and nebulae. The existence of these depictions raises intriguing questions about the knowledge possessed by ancient civilizations regarding star ignition and potential encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

Conversations with Peruvian Pilots

Conversations with Peruvian pilots have also corroborated some of Tony Rodrigues’ experiences. These pilots, who frequently navigate the skies over Peru, have reported witnessing unusual phenomena that align with the star-making activities described by Rodrigues. Their accounts offer further validation and open new avenues for understanding these complex occurrences.

Mystic Mountains

Mystic Mountains

Unveiling Secret Space Programs

Existence of Secret Space Programs

It is essential to acknowledge the existence of secret space programs, which operate covertly and often involve individuals with unique abilities or knowledge. These programs, shielded from public knowledge, carry out various missions, including exploration and utilization of celestial resources. Tony Rodrigues’ involvement in a star-making project can be seen within the context of these secret space programs.

Treatment of Individuals within Secret Space Programs

The treatment of individuals within secret space programs has been a topic of concern. Whistleblowers and experiencers, like Tony Rodrigues, have revealed that these programs often employ unethical practices, including the use of slave labor. Shedding light on the mistreatment of individuals within these programs is crucial for promoting transparency and advocating for reforms to ensure fair and just treatment.

Importance of Sharing Experiences

Advocating for Justice

Sharing experiences like Tony Rodrigues’ is essential for advocating for justice. By speaking out, individuals who have encountered these extraordinary circumstances can shed light on the exploitation and mistreatment that often occur within the realm of extraterrestrial activities. Their collective voice can serve as a powerful advocate for a fair and just paradigm.

Raising Awareness

Raising awareness about the extraterrestrial use of slave labor in star ignition and other similar activities is paramount. By educating the public, we can foster a greater understanding of these phenomena and contribute to a more informed society. Through increased awareness, we can strive for meaningful change and foster a future that respects the rights and dignity of all beings involved.

Pillars of Creation

Pillars of Creation


In conclusion, the extraterrestrial use of slave labor in star ignition within gaseous nebulae is a fascinating and thought-provoking topic. Tony Rodrigues’ experiences, paralleled by ancient texts and writings, present us with a wealth of insights into these enigmatic activities. Through evidence in Peru and conversations with Peruvian pilots, we find validation for these experiences. Additionally, the existence of secret space programs highlights the need to address unethical practices within these endeavors. By sharing these experiences, we can advocate for justice and raise awareness, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and enlightened understanding of extraterrestrial interactions.

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