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Escorting a Nordic VIP on a Triangle-shaped Spacecraft – JP Update

by Alien Cosmos

In the latest JP Update, JP shares his experience of being part of a team tasked with escorting a Nordic VIP on a triangle-shaped spacecraft. The mission involved traveling to a distant location, assumed to be Asia, to meet with the extraterrestrial or Inner Earth Being and bring them back to the US. JP provides details about the spacecraft, including its unique design with three sloping walls and no windows, as well as the command to not communicate with the VIP during the flight. The Nordic’s demeanor, described as impatient and annoyed, adds an intriguing element to the mission.

Ultimately, the VIP is dropped off at a US military base, leaving the purpose behind this unknown. Meanwhile, in another mission, a team of military personnel had an encounter with a TR3B (identified aerial vehicle) that hovered over them for 20 minutes before taking them aboard using a platform connected by what seemed like an umbilical cord-like structure. The TR3B, a metallic black craft about the size of three school buses, showcased advanced technology and navigation systems controlled by the pilot’s hand movements. JP’s intriguing update leaves readers eager for more shocking revelations and insights into the secrets of extraterrestrial encounters and advanced spacecraft technology.

Dr. Michael Salla, the host of EXO Politics Today, welcomes JP back to discuss his recent mission. JP’s reports have always been fascinating, and this new mission involving a Nordic VIP on a triangle-shaped spacecraft is no exception. He shares with Dr. Salla the details of the mission, including the team’s journey to a distant location, their encounters with the advanced TR3B aircraft, and the peculiar behavior of the Nordic VIP during the flight.

JP’s account offers glimpses into the secretive world of extraterrestrial interactions and advanced technology. He encourages viewers to prepare themselves for the upcoming revelations that will challenge religious beliefs and uncover the origins of humans and various extraterrestrial races. With each update, JP and Dr. Salla continue to shed light on the truth behind hidden agendas and promote positivity, love, and understanding among individuals.

JP Update – Escorting a Nordic VIP on a Triangle-shaped Spacecraft

Mission Background

In the latest mission update from JP, a renowned whistleblower, and contactee in the Secret Space Program (SSP), we have learned about a fascinating and highly classified mission involving the escorting of a Nordic VIP on a triangle-shaped spacecraft. This mission has caused quite a stir within the SSP community and has left many questioning the nature and purpose of such an endeavor.

The Purpose of the Mission

The primary objective of this mission was to facilitate a meeting between JP and a Nordic extraterrestrial or Inner Earth being. The Nordic VIP, whose identity remains undisclosed, was to be brought to the United States for reasons yet unknown. The secrecy surrounding this mission suggests the sensitive nature of the VIP’s visit and the potential implications it may have on humanity as a whole.

JP Update - Escorting a Nordic VIP on a Triangle-shaped Spacecraft

Description of the Spacecraft

The spacecraft utilized for this mission is a remarkable triangle-shaped craft. Unlike conventional aircraft, this craft features three sloping walls and an absence of windows. Its design is sleek and futuristic, showcasing the advanced technology employed by the SSP. Inside the craft, a system of seats has been specially designed to securely hold passengers during high-speed travel. Additionally, the reduced gravity within the craft allows for a uniquely comfortable and smooth journey.

To ensure the safety and security of both the VIP and the mission, the craft utilizes a force field as an added protective measure. This force field creates a barrier, safeguarding the VIP from external threats. Furthermore, an extending umbilical cord is employed, allowing for efficient energy transfer and maintaining a connection with the larger spacecraft.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and highly advanced sensors, this triangular craft exemplifies the impressive capabilities of SSP’s technological advancements.

Command to Not Communicate with the VIP

Interestingly, one peculiar directive given to JP was the command to not communicate directly with the Nordic VIP. The reasons for this directive remain unknown and have left many speculating about the VIP’s nature and potential diplomatic implications. It is possible that this directive aims to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the mission, further highlighting its top-secret nature.

The demeanor of the Nordic VIP

While JP was not allowed direct communication with the Nordic VIP, limited observations regarding the VIP’s demeanor were made. Witnesses reported that the Nordic VIP displayed an air of calmness and wisdom, suggesting a profound level of knowledge and experience. Speculations abound regarding the purpose and intentions of this VIP, adding further intrigue to an already enigmatic mission.

Drop-off at a US Military Base

At the culmination of the mission, the triangle-shaped spacecraft arrived at a highly confidential US military base. The purpose of this drop-off remains undisclosed, leaving room for speculation about the nature and extent of the relationship between the VIP and the military. It is possible that this drop-off signifies the coordination and collaboration between various factions within the SSP and the military in addressing extraterrestrial affairs.

Relation to Book 8 in the SSP Series

JP’s update on this mission holds significant implications for those familiar with his ongoing SSP series. Previously, JP has chronicled his remarkable ET contacts and missions alongside the US Space Command in his groundbreaking book series. This latest mission, involving a Nordic VIP and the use of a triangle-shaped spacecraft, further corroborates and expands on the extraordinary experiences shared in JP’s previous works. It serves as a testament to the consistency and authenticity of JP’s accounts, affirming his status as a prominent whistleblower in the SSP community.

Sightings of Triangle and Rectangle Crafts

In recent months, there have been numerous reported sightings of triangle and rectangle crafts, primarily near the MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. Eyewitness accounts describe these crafts as unusual and distinct from conventional aircraft. The sightings have sparked considerable curiosity within the UFO community and have prompted further investigation into the nature and origins of these enigmatic vehicles. The correlation between these sightings and JP’s mission update raises intriguing questions about the potential connections between the SSP and these sightings.

More Shocking Information Expected

JP’s recent mission update has left the SSP community eagerly anticipating further revelations. Given the secrecy and significance of this mission, it is likely that more shocking information will emerge in the coming months. The controlled release of such information serves as a means to gradually expose the truth and prepare humanity for the profound paradigm shift that lies ahead. As more puzzle pieces are revealed, it becomes increasingly apparent that our world is interconnected with vast cosmic forces.

Embarkment of a New Mission

With the conclusion of this escort mission, JP prepares to embark on yet another utterly unpredictable and groundbreaking endeavor. As his journey continues, JP’s relentless pursuit of truth and disclosure inspires us all to question the boundaries of our reality. Each mission brings us closer to a deeper understanding of our place in the cosmos and the potential for humanity to make significant strides in our collective evolution.

In the face of uncertainty and the impending revelations that await us, let us embrace change with kindness and compassion. The journey toward truth may be challenging, but it is only through unity and understanding that we can navigate the cosmic mysteries that lay before us.

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