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Clinically Dead Man Shown Truth About Reincarnation During Shocking NDE

by Alien Cosmos

In a fascinating video by The Other Side NDE, Paul Northridge, a man who had a near-death experience (NDE), shares his journey to the afterlife. At the age of 14, during a leg lengthening operation, Paul had a severe reaction to medication which caused him to lose consciousness and feel detached from his body. He describes seeing beings of different colors and experiencing a feeling of unconditional love. He communicated with these beings and agreed to go with them to a new realm. In this realm, he witnessed souls playing games in the air and saw a soul in a cocoon. He had a life review where he felt the thoughts and emotions of others and saw glimpses of his past, present, and future. Paul believes that his experience is about love, learning, and connection. Despite being clinically dead during his surgery, he was resuscitated and now shares his incredible story.

Clinically Dead Man Shown Truth About Reincarnation During Shocking NDE

Profile of Paul Northridge

Paul Northridge is an individual who has had a remarkable near-death experience (NDE) that has shaped his perspective on life and the afterlife. At the age of 14, Paul underwent a leg lengthening operation as part of his treatment for Spina bifida, a condition he has been living with since birth. During this operation, Paul had a severe reaction to medication, leading to a near-death experience that would change the course of his life.

Turning point: Near-death experience at age 14

Paul’s near-death experience occurred when he lost consciousness and felt detached from his body during the leg lengthening operation. As he looked down upon his body and observed the medical staff attempting to resuscitate him, he felt a sense of curiosity and detachment rather than panic. This detachment allowed him to have a different perspective on the events unfolding before him.

Living with Spina bifida and multiple operations

Spina bifida is a congenital condition that affects the development of the spine and spinal cord. Paul’s near-death experience occurred in the context of his ongoing battle with this condition, which has required multiple surgeries throughout his life. Despite the challenges he has faced, Paul remains resilient and has used his experiences to gain a unique understanding of life and death.

The Near-Death Experience: Unveiling the Details

During his near-death experience, Paul experienced a loss of consciousness and a detachment from his physical body. As he observed his surroundings, he encountered beings of different colors and experienced an overwhelming sense of unconditional love. These beings, who seemed familiar to him, communicated with him and invited him to venture into a new realm.

Interaction with colorful entities

The beings Paul encountered during his near-death experience were described as having various colors and emitting a sense of warmth and love. While he did not see their faces, he felt a deep connection with them and recognized their presence as beings he had some prior connection to. The colors and emotions emitted by these entities were beyond anything he had experienced in his earthly life.

Encounter with unconditional love

One of the most profound aspects of Paul’s near-death experience was the overwhelming feeling of unconditional love. He described this love as all-encompassing, without any judgment or conditions. This experience left a lasting impact on Paul and shaped his belief in the power of love and its role in the afterlife.

Venturing into the Afterlife

After agreeing to accompany the beings he encountered, Paul embarked on a journey to a different realm. This realm was described as vast and filled with vibrant colors, contrasting with the physical world he had known. He witnessed numerous souls engaging in various activities and experienced a sense of awe and wonder throughout his journey.

Description of the vast, colorful surroundings

As Paul ventured further into the afterlife, he was greeted by a stunning landscape devoid of land as he knew it on Earth. The surroundings resembled dry ice and emitted a range of vivid colors, unlike anything he had ever seen before. This breathtaking scenery only added to the otherworldly nature of his experience.

Encountering numerous souls and their activities

Within this vast afterlife realm, Paul observed countless souls engaged in different activities. Some were seen playing games in the air, resembling a ball game that seemed to transcend the physical limitations of the human body. He also encountered a soul in a cocoon-like state, suggesting a process of healing and growth occurring in the afterlife.

Life Review: Paul’s Reflections of his Earthly Existence

During his journey in the afterlife, Paul underwent a life review. This review took him through his past, present, and even glimpses of his future, providing him with a deeper understanding of his experiences on Earth. He witnessed key moments from his life, including instances of bullying and challenging experiences.

The soul’s journey through past, present, and future

Paul’s life review allowed him to witness and reflect upon significant moments from his past, present, and even glimpses of his future. This unique perspective granted him insight into the interconnectedness of events and their impact on his spiritual growth. It also enabled him to understand the consequences of his actions and to feel the emotions of others involved.

Experiencing the emotions of others

During his life review, Paul not only observed the events of his life but also experienced the emotions of those involved. This empathetic connection gave him a profound understanding of the pain, joy, and complexity of human emotions. It served as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation.

Key life incidents highlighted during the review

Paul’s life review brought forth key incidents from his life that had a significant impact on his spiritual journey. He vividly recalled instances of bullying during his school years due to his Spina bifida. This experience allowed him to empathize with both the victims and the perpetrators, leading to a greater understanding of the importance of compassion and kindness.

Encounters with Past Lives and Instances of Reincarnation

During his near-death experience, Paul had encounters with past lives and gained insights into the concepts of health and the universe. He witnessed previous deaths and felt a connection to a specific country, Russia, which later had a profound impact on his life.

Witnessing previous deaths

In the afterlife realm, Paul had glimpses of previous deaths, which provided him with a deeper understanding of the transition from life to death. These experiences shattered his preconceived notions about death and allowed him to recognize the eternal nature of the soul.

Insights into health and the universe

Paul’s near-death experience also provided him with insights into the nature of health and the universe. He gained a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things and the importance of taking care of one’s physical and spiritual well-being. This knowledge has influenced his approach to life and led to a greater appreciation for the profound mysteries of the universe.

Connection to Russia and its impact on his current life

During his near-death experience, Paul felt a strong connection to Russia, which he later experienced in his current life. He married a Russian woman, further solidifying this connection. The impact of this connection and how it ties into his overall spiritual journey has served as a source of reflection and exploration for Paul.

Bringing Messages from Beyond

As a result of his near-death experience, Paul has become an emissary from the afterlife, sharing messages and insights gained from his journey. He has found meaning in his experience and feels compelled to spread the word about the power of love, learning, and connection.

Finding messages within the experience

Paul believes that his near-death experience was not just a personal journey but also a message from beyond. He has found meaning in the interactions he had with the colorful beings and the overwhelming feeling of unconditional love. These messages have become guiding principles in his life and serve as reminders of the importance of love and compassion.

Serving as an emissary from the afterlife

After his near-death experience, Paul felt a calling to share his story and the insights he gained from his journey. He believes that by acting as an emissary from the afterlife, he can provide comfort and guidance to others who may be searching for answers about life and death.

Beliefs regarding love, learning, and connection

Paul’s near-death experience has shaped his beliefs about the fundamental aspects of life. He sees love as an all-encompassing force that transcends physical boundaries and connects all beings. He also believes in the importance of continuous learning and growth, as well as the power of human connection to foster understanding and empathy.

Resuscitation and Life Post-NDE

After his near-death experience, Paul was successfully resuscitated and brought back to life. The transformative nature of his experience influenced his worldview and how he perceives his purpose in life. He emerged from this ordeal with a renewed sense of purpose and a deep desire to share his story and insights with others.

Revival after the surgery

Thanks to the efforts of the medical staff, Paul was successfully revived after his near-death experience. Although the physical recovery took time, the impact of his spiritual journey has left an indelible mark on his life.

How the experience influenced his worldview

Paul’s near-death experience shattered any preconceived notions he had about life and death. It opened his eyes to the profound mysteries of the universe and the power of love. This newfound perspective influenced his worldview and the way he approaches his own life, as well as his interactions with others.

Life transformation following the NDE

Following his near-death experience, Paul underwent a significant transformation. He became passionate about sharing his story and insights, leading to a shift in his life’s purpose. This transformation has allowed him to find meaning in his experiences and to offer hope and comfort to others who may be seeking answers.

Spreading the Word: Paul’s Story in Books and Online

Paul has become an author, sharing his near-death experience and the messages he received in books. Through his writing, he aims to reach a wider audience and provide comfort and guidance to those who may be searching for answers. Additionally, he maintains an online presence through his website and social media platforms.

Paul’s published works

Paul has authored books that delve into his near-death experience and his reflections on life and death. These works serve as a testament to his journey and offer readers a glimpse into the profound insights he gained.

Online presence: Websites and social media

Paul maintains a website and active social media accounts where he shares updates, articles, and messages related to his near-death experience. These online platforms allow him to reach a larger audience and provide a space for individuals to engage with his story and share their own experiences.

The influence of his message

Paul’s story and the messages he shares have had a significant impact on those who have encountered them. Many individuals have found comfort, solace, and a sense of hope through his words. His message serves as a reminder of the powerful connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

Critiques and Skepticism About Paul’s NDE

As with any extraordinary experience, Paul’s near-death experience has attracted skepticism and criticism. Some individuals may question the validity and authenticity of his claims, raising doubts about the nature of his journey and the messages he shares.

Common critiques of NDE phenomena

Critiques of near-death experiences often revolve around the subjective nature of the experience and the potential influence of external factors such as medication or brain activity. Skeptics may argue that NDEs are merely hallucinations or manifestations of the brain under duress.

Responses to skepticism about Paul’s story

In response to skepticism, Paul acknowledges that his near-death experience is a deeply personal and subjective journey. He does not seek to convince skeptics but rather hopes to offer insights and experiences that resonate with those who are open to the possibility of life beyond death.

How Paul addresses skepticism

Paul understands that skepticism is a natural response to extraordinary claims. He encourages individuals to approach his story with an open mind and to draw their own conclusions. He supports scientific research into NDEs and believes that continued exploration of these phenomena will uncover new understandings of life and death.

Conclusion: Reflecting on Paul’s Experience and Reincarnation

Paul’s near-death experience offers a unique perspective on life and death. Through his journey, he has gained insights into the afterlife, past lives, and the nature of the universe. His story serves as a reminder of the inherent interconnectedness of all beings and the power of love, learning, and connection. By sharing his experiences, Paul hopes to bring comfort, guidance, and a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life and death.

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