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Paramedic Is Electrocuted; Shown Afterlife And That We Are INFINITE Consciousness (NDE)

by Alien Cosmos

In the video “Paramedic Is Electrocuted; Shown Afterlife And That We Are INFINITE Consciousness (NDE)” by The Other Side NDE, paramedic Adam Tapp shares his near-death experience (NDE) after being electrocuted in 2018. This NDE lasted for 11.5 minutes and had a profound impact on Tapp’s life. During his NDE, Tapp experienced an endogenous psychedelic experience, describing intense pain followed by a state of perfect contentment and awareness. He felt like he was becoming part of the universe, experiencing fractal patterns and infinite consciousness. After awakening from a coma, Tapp struggled with the sense of reality and appreciated every moment more deeply. He found similarities between his NDE and psychedelic experiences, leading him to embrace death as a natural transition and appreciate the present moment.

Paramedic Is Electrocuted; Shown Afterlife And That We Are INFINITE Consciousness (NDE)

Details of Adam Tapp’s Electrocution Incident

Adam Tapp, a paramedic with 19 years of experience, had a near-death experience (NDE) on February 28, 2018. He was electrocuted while practicing wood etching using a dangerous technique called the electric device. As a result, he was dead for approximately 11 and a half minutes before being resuscitated. This incident had a profound impact on his life, reshaping his beliefs and perspectives.

The Near-Death Experience

During the near-death experience, Tapp went through a range of emotions and sensations. He initially felt intense pain, as if every cell in his body was being pulled apart. However, after this initial pain, he entered a state of perfect contentment and awareness. He described feeling like he was part of the universe, experiencing fractal patterns and a sense of becoming one with everything.

Tapp also discussed the concept of time during his NDE. He mentioned that he felt as though he was falling for ages, and when he reached a certain point, it was like waking up from a nap. Time seemed to lose its conventional meaning, and he experienced a sense of eternity.

Furthermore, Tapp talked about the visual phenomena he encountered during his NDE. He mentioned seeing vertical cylinders of iridescent green, which seemed to stretch infinitely. He also described an inky blackness, similar to deep space, in which he felt like a single point of awareness. This visual experience was accompanied by a feeling of transcendence and a connection to the universe.

Comparing his near-death experience to an endogenous psychedelic experience, Tapp highlighted the similarities between the two. He noticed that the NDE and psychedelic experiences both involved fractal patterns, a sense of transcendence, and an altered perception of reality. This similarity led Tapp to become more spiritually inclined and to explore the role of psychedelics in spiritual practices.

Resuscitation and Returning to Consciousness

After being electrocuted, Tapp was defibrillated twice before regaining consciousness. Defibrillation is a process that involves delivering an electric shock to the heart in order to restore its normal rhythm. This intervention was crucial in bringing him back to life. Following the defibrillation, Tapp woke up from a coma, during which he had been placed for approximately eight hours.

Upon awakening, Tapp experienced a variety of reactions and emotions. Initially, he struggled with accepting the return to physical existence. He felt as though he had been downgraded, moving from a state of infinite awareness to a limited human experience. This feeling of being confined and restricted persisted for several months. However, over time, Tapp gradually accepted and embraced his physical existence.

Post-NDE Struggles with Reality

After his near-death experience, Tapp faced difficulties reconciling the profound insights and spiritual connection he had experienced with the everyday reality of life. He found it challenging to accept the return to physical existence and questioned the nature of reality itself. These struggles with reality and the stark contrast between the infinite consciousness he had felt during his NDE and the limitations of human existence caused him to ponder the true nature of existence.

Feelings of having been downgraded from a state of infinite awareness to a limited human experience added to Tapp’s struggle. He described it as going from being a “crazy supercomputer” to a “Commodore 2000.” This feeling of limitation persisted for months, but ultimately, Tapp came to accept and appreciate his physical existence as well.

Insights Gained from the Near-Death Experience

Tapp’s near-death experience brought forth several insights and realizations. Firstly, he gained an understanding of the transient nature of existence. He recognized that life is merely a stage in the evolution of consciousness, leading to a return to the source of everythingβ€”an infinite consciousness that permeates all aspects of existence.

Additionally, Tapp realized the infinite nature of consciousness and its connection to everything in the universe. He experienced becoming part of the fabric of the universe, feeling a deep sense of interconnectedness and unity. This realization expanded his spiritual beliefs and deepened his understanding of the complexity of existence.

Furthermore, his NDE instilled in Tapp a deep appreciation for every moment. Having experienced a state of absolute tranquility and contentment, he noticed the contrast between that state and the anxiety and emotional fluctuations that are part of human existence. This awareness allowed him to fully embrace the present moment and find beauty in even the most mundane aspects of life.

Accelerated Healing of Physical Injuries

Despite suffering burns and other injuries during the electrocution incident, Tapp underwent a remarkable process of accelerated healing. Initially, he was informed that he would require skin grafts for his burns. However, to his surprise, the burns on his hands healed rapidly, without the need for further medical intervention. Although this phenomenon may not be consistent among all near-death experiences, it served as another remarkable aspect of Tapp’s journey.

The reasons behind this accelerated healing remain unclear. It is possible that the profound spiritual and transformative nature of Tapp’s NDE played a role in facilitating his physical healing. The mind-body connection is a topic of ongoing research and exploration, and Tapp’s experience raises intriguing questions regarding the potential impact of consciousness on physical well-being.

Comparison of Near-Death Experience to Psychedelic Experiences

Tapp identified several similarities between his NDE and psychedelic experiences. Both phenomena involve altered states of consciousness, fractal patterns, and a sense of transcendence. This correlation deepened his interest in psychedelics and their connection to spiritual practices.

He observed that endogenous psychedelic compounds such as dimethyltryptamine (DMT) are present in our brains and bodies and are responsible for dreaming and, possibly, near-death experiences. Tapp’s NDE heightened his spiritual inclinations, leading him to explore the potential role of psychedelics in expanding consciousness and deepening spiritual connections.

Aftermath and Impact on Adam Tapp’s Life

Following his near-death experience, Tapp underwent significant changes in his personal beliefs and behavior. He found himself more deeply connected to spirituality, recognizing that death is a natural transition and that consciousness is infinite. This realization fueled his desire to share his insights and experiences with others.

Adam Tapp went on to create the “Tapped into Psychedelics” podcast, where he explores various topics related to psychedelics, consciousness, and spirituality. Through his podcast, Tapp aims to share the lessons he learned from his near-death experience and to contribute to the collective understanding of life, death, and the infinite consciousness that binds us all.

Messages and Lessons from the Near-Death Experience

Tapp’s near-death experience offered valuable messages and lessons to contemplate. Firstly, it fostered an understanding of death as a natural transition rather than something to be feared. He emphasizes the importance of embracing death as an integral part of the journey and the continuation of consciousness.

Furthermore, the experience taught Tapp the significance of living in the present and appreciating each moment. By recognizing the transient nature of existence, he developed a deeper appreciation for the beauty and complexity that surrounds us.

Lastly, Tapp’s near-death experience underscored the importance of embracing the infinite consciousness that permeates everything. It encouraged him to explore spirituality and expand his beliefs, recognizing that our existence is part of a much larger cosmic tapestry.


In summary, Adam Tapp’s near-death experience had a profound impact on his life. The electrocution incident and subsequent NDE gave him insights into the transient nature of existence and the infinite consciousness that connects us all. It allowed him to appreciate every moment and embrace death as a natural transition.

The accelerated healing of his physical injuries, the comparison between his NDE and psychedelic experiences, and the struggles he faced with reality further enriched his journey. Ultimately, his experience led him to create the “Tapped into Psychedelics” podcast, where he aims to share his insights and contribute to the exploration of the mysteries of life and death.

The lessons and takeaways from Adam Tapp’s near-death experience serve as valuable reminders for all of us to appreciate the present moment, embrace the unknown, and live our lives in alignment with the infinite consciousness that surrounds us.

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