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A Spectacular Visit to Massive Spaceport Under An Unknown South Atlantic Island, Spring 2023

by Alien Cosmos

On May 26, 2023, JP completed a mission to a massive spaceport located under an unknown island in the South Atlantic Ocean. He was taken there by a flying triangle (TR-3B) spacecraft from a US Navy ship traveling in the Gulf of Mexico. To JP”s surprise, he was accompanied by a close relative whose first name is Alex. JP and Alex traveled down an elevator from the surface to the spaceport, which JP described as significantly larger than the spaceport he had previously seen in the Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee regions.

After being held overnight, they met with a 1200-year-old Nordic-looking member of an underground civilization. The civilization shared plans to reveal itself more through its ships and bring more surface dwellers to the spaceport. JP was given a small crystal device that allowed him to see Earth’s future, showing futuristic cities in a pristine environment but without a Moon. Interestingly, when JP called his relative after the mission, Alex had no memory of the experience.

JP recounted the events of May 26, detailing his unexpected encounter with Alex and their journey from a white van to a black helicopter and a large boat before reaching the spaceport. JP stressed the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and being cautious with one’s words when discussing his experiences.

He encouraged listeners to delve into past stories and interviews to gain a better understanding of the context behind his missions. Documentation of rank distinctions in covert missions was mentioned, with JP highlighting how experience and abilities often played a more significant role than traditional military ranks.

In the wake of recent disclosures, JP’s mission report has stunned the world. How many of us have ever imagined that below an unassuming island in the South Atlantic, there could exist a massive spaceport? For those intrigued by extraterrestrial politics and hidden space programs, this recounting will make your spine tingle and possibly, reshape your understanding of our planet’s history and its cosmic connections.

JP Update - Visit to Massive Spaceport under an unknown South Atlantic Island

In this riveting episode of “Exopolitics Today” with Dr. Michael Salla, JP shares his exhilarating experiences from his recent mission. Beginning with a curious transportation mechanism, JP describes being taken to an undisclosed location via a rail train floating on magnetic tracks. Here, he met a Nordic, an extraterrestrial being, dressed in shimmering silver.

Most captivating was JP’s interaction with a Nordic who handed him a blue crystal. When squeezed, the crystal presented a vision of Earth — a pristine environment with futuristic cities. Intriguingly, this Earth had no moon.

JP’s Visit to the Massive Spaceport

Flying Triangle Spacecraft Journey

JP embarked on an extraordinary journey to the massive spaceport, accompanied by his relative, Alex. Their mode of transportation was none other than a Flying Triangle spacecraft. As they soared through the vast expanse of space, JP couldn’t help but marvel at the breathtaking views of stars and galaxies that surrounded them. The technology behind this spacecraft was truly remarkable, allowing for seamless travel through the cosmos.

Comparison with Previous Spaceport Visited

JP couldn’t help but draw comparisons between this massive spaceport and the previous one he had visited. While the previous spaceport was impressive, with its state-of-the-art technology and bustling atmosphere, this new and massive spaceport was on a completely different scale. It was larger, grander, and seemed to buzz with even more activity. The advancements made in space travel and exploration since JP’s last visit were truly astounding.

Meeting the 1200-year-old Nordic-looking Member

Overnight Hold

Upon arriving at the massive spaceport, JP and Alex were greeted by a member of an underground civilization who appeared to be of Nordic descent and boasted an astonishing 1200 years of life experience. Fascinated by the presence of such a wise being, JP and Alex were offered an overnight hold in a comfortable and technologically advanced underground dwelling. This stay provided an opportunity for them to rest and gather their thoughts before delving further into the mysteries of the spaceport.

Introduction to Underground Civilization

During their time at the spaceport, JP and Alex were introduced to the intricate underground civilization that coexisted harmoniously with the operations on the surface. This civilization, which had been thriving quietly beneath the surface for centuries, possessed advanced knowledge and technology far beyond what was known to the public. The encounter with this underground civilization added a new layer of intrigue to JP’s visit.

Plans for Media Revealing and Spaceport Exploration

Excitement filled the air as JP and Alex discussed their plans for revealing the existence of the underground civilization to the media. They also eagerly awaited the opportunity to explore the various sections of the spaceport. With their crystal device in hand, they had the means to document and share their experiences with the world, unveiling the wonders of the spaceport and the hidden underground civilization.

Receiving Crystal Device to See Earth’s Future

Description of Crystal Device

JP and Alex were entrusted with a remarkable crystal device that possessed the power to grant them glimpses into Earth’s future. The device was an intricate piece of technology, emitting a soft, ethereal glow. Its crystal-clear surface shimmered, hinting at the unfathomable knowledge and visions it held within.

The Vision of Futuristic Cities Without The Moon

As JP and Alex activated the crystal device, they found themselves transported into a realm of futuristic cities. These metropolises were unlike anything they had ever seen before. Towering skyscrapers reached toward the sky, their sleek designs reflecting the advanced architectural techniques employed in their construction. However, something seemed amiss – the moon was missing. This astonishing revelation left them pondering the implications of such a future and what it meant for Earth and humanity.

Lack of Memory and Travel on Floating Rail Train

Relative’s Lack of Memory

JP’s relative, Alex, had been experiencing unexplained lapses in memory throughout their journey. This loss of recollection puzzled JP, but it did not deter their exploration. Together, they embarked on this unique adventure, determined to uncover the truth behind Alex’s memory lapses and the mysteries that lay ahead.

Traveling on Floating Rail Train

To continue their expedition through the spaceport, JP and Alex hopped on a floating rail train. The train glided effortlessly along the magnetic tracks, showcasing the advanced technology that facilitated a smooth and efficient mode of transportation within the spaceport’s vast complex. As they gazed out the windows, absorbing the stunning views of the spaceport’s sprawling infrastructure, JP couldn’t help but marvel at the incredible advancements humanity had achieved.

Destination of the Train

The floating rail train eventually arrived at its destination, bringing JP and Alex to a section of the spaceport that held the answers they sought. What they discovered in this new area would resonate deeply within their souls, setting the stage for profound revelations and life-altering decisions.

Discussion about the Phrase ‘Long Live the King’

Meaning of the Phrase

During one of their thought-provoking conversations, JP and Alex delved into a discussion about the phrase “Long Live the King.” This phrase, often associated with monarchies and royalty, sparked their curiosity. They pondered its deeper meaning and the potential significance it held within the context of their mission and the larger tapestry of the universe. The profound philosophical implications of this phrase would continue to resonate with them throughout their journey.

Timeline and Logistics of JP’s Mission

Mission Details

JP’s mission held a great deal of significance, not only for himself but also for humanity as a whole. The intricate timeline and logistics of this mission were carefully crafted, with each step serving a specific purpose. From the initial meeting with the underground civilization to the unveiling of Earth’s future, every detail had been meticulously planned to ensure a successful and enlightening journey.

Timeline of Mission

The timeline of JP’s mission spanned various stages, each marked by momentous events and pivotal discoveries. From the initial visit to the massive spaceport to the encounters with advanced civilizations and the exploration of hidden realms within the facility, JP’s mission would prove to be an odyssey of epic proportions. The roadmap of this timeline would guide JP and Alex toward enlightenment, truth, and a deeper understanding of the universe.

Role and Rank of Alex in the Mission

Alex’s Role and Rank

Alex played a crucial role in JP’s mission, his expertise and knowledge were instrumental in navigating the intricacies of the spaceport and the mission’s purpose. Through his rank within the mission, he possessed access to classified information and connections that proved invaluable. Alex’s dedication to their shared objective and his unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth was the driving force behind the success of their endeavor.

Family’s Military Connections

JP and Alex’s family had a long history of military connections, which proved advantageous in the context of their mission. Insights gained from these connections, coupled with Alex’s expertise and knowledge derived from time travel experiences, provided them with a unique perspective on the larger scope of the universe and humanity’s role within it.

Experience and Knowledge via Time Travel

The experiences and knowledge Alex had gained through his time travel adventures played a significant role in shaping their mission. The ability to observe key events in history and gain insights from alternate timelines allowed Alex to bring a wealth of information to the table. Together, JP and Alex wove the threads of their collective knowledge and experiences to unravel the mysteries that lay before them.

Tony Rodrigues’s Experience on the Dark Fleet Merchant Ship

Service as a Slave on the Planetoid Ceres

JP and Alex discovered shocking details about Tony Rodrigues’s experiences during his time on the Dark Fleet merchant ship. In stark contrast to the visions of futuristic cities and advanced civilizations, Tony’s story shed light on the darker aspects of human existence in space. Tony’s account of being held as a slave on the planetoid Ceres served as a stark reminder of the inequalities and struggles that persisted despite the remarkable advancements in space travel.

Involvement in the 20 and Back Program

Tony’s involvement in the 20 and Back program added another layer of complexity to his experiences. This secretive program, which allegedly involved serving in space missions for a period of 20 years before being returned to the point of departure, held significant implications for human exploration and the treatment of individuals within the space industry. Tony’s firsthand account brought attention to the ethical considerations surrounding such programs.

Witnessing the TR-3B Craft

One of the most fascinating aspects of Tony’s experiences was his encounter with the TR-3B craft. This rumored advanced spacecraft, utilizing anti-gravity technology, symbolized the hidden advancements and capabilities possessed by certain factions within the space industry. Tony’s account shed light on the existence of such advanced technology, leaving JP and Alex in awe of the possibilities that lay beyond the surface of humanity’s knowledge.

Weapons and Landing on the South Atlantic Island

Weapons and Ocp Uniforms

JP and Alex discovered a cache of weapons and Ocp uniforms during their exploration of the spaceport. These findings hinted at a deeper level of security and the presence of hidden forces working behind the scenes. The significance of these discoveries would become clearer as their journey continued, unraveling the intricate layers of secrecy surrounding the spaceport and its operations.

Landing on the Island with Ancient Buildings

Their adventure brought JP and Alex to an enigmatic island in the South Atlantic. The island housed astonishingly ancient buildings that bore markings resembling Egyptian hieroglyphs. The juxtaposition between advanced space technology and ancient civilizations captivated JP’s imagination, raising questions about humanity’s shared history and the potential intersections between past and future.

Egyptian Writing on the Tower

JP’s exploration led him to a towering structure adorned with Egyptian writing. This unexpected connection between the ancient Egyptian civilization and the spaceport left JP mesmerized, as it hinted at the profound intertwining of humanity’s history and its exploration of the cosmos. The tower held secrets that were yet to be unlocked, leaving a sense of anticipation and wonder in the air.

Other Significant Experiences and the Importance of Truth

Father’s Experience in Puerto Rico

During JP’s journey, he reflected upon his father’s incredible experience in Puerto Rico. His father had a close encounter with a UFO, an event that had a profound impact on JP’s upbringing. This personal connection to the unexplained and the quest for truth formed the foundation of JP’s own curiosity and fueled his determination to explore the mysteries of the cosmos.

Importance of Information Sharing and Positive Energy

JP’s mission highlighted the importance of information sharing and fostering positive energy within the realm of extraterrestrial encounters and space exploration. The experiences he and Alex had during their journey underscored the power of truth in unraveling hidden truths, promoting understanding, and opening doors to a future where humanity’s potential and unity could flourish. Their remarkable adventure served as a reminder that the pursuit of knowledge and the sharing of information were vital for a brighter, more interconnected future.

In conclusion, JP’s visit to the massive spaceport was far from ordinary. From exploring futuristic cities, encountering underground civilizations, and delving into family military connections, to unraveling hidden secrets, encounters with ancient civilizations, and reflecting on personal experiences, the journey was one of profound discovery. Through their quest for truth and the sharing of knowledge, JP and Alex strived to unlock the limitless potential of humanity’s future in the cosmos.

US Army Insider Missions – According to Dr. Michael Salla, JP is the first active member of the US military that has been allowed to come forward to share his experiences of classified missions involving ancient artifacts on Earth or in space and extraterrestrial contact.

Galactic Federations Councils – Dr. Michael Salla gives a grand tour of the different extraterrestrial groups and secret space programs involved in the temporal war that has been silently raging around us, unknown to most of humanity.

For more information on Tony Rodrigues’s books, click on the image(s) below.

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